• Mountain Views in White River National Forest
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    Colorado RVing: Silt and Glenwood Springs

    One of our favorite things to do is go RVing in Glenwood Springs. We make sure to take a trip every year. This year, we planned a week long camping trip near Glenwood Springs in White River National Forest. Since the area was new to us, we decided to continue our summer trips and go on a scouting trip. This post is about that scouting trip. RVing Near Glenwood Springs Video Check out our YouTube video of our trip. When you’re done, read more details about our trip below! Where to Stay When RVing in Glenwood We decided to try the KOA in Silt, CO since it was both close…

  • Lego Birthday Party

    LEGO Birthday Party

    Back at the beginning of June we celebrated our youngest’s 5th birthday with a LEGO Birthday Party (or two actually). We had a friend party and a family party, but they were essentially the same. I searched Pinterest for ideas (cost effective ones in particular) and here are some of the details. Keep reading for our best finds! LEGO Birthday Party Decorations Okay, so decorations are always one of my favorite parts. I usually overdo it with time intensive decorations (I’m not sure how many hours I spent on the Pokemon party). The cool thing about a LEGO birthday party is that you may have decorations already laying around the…

  • Geocaching Near Salida
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    RVing in Colorado: Salida

    Several months ago Jeremy discovered a full time RVing family’s YouTube channel. He watched their episodes night after night. I admit I thought it was pretty goofy and that he was nuts for watching them night after night…until I happened to watch an episode with him. Now we we’re both hooked! They inspired us to do more RVing in Colorado this summer, make more memories, and document them along the way. We took more pictures, more video, and more trips than we have before, and we’d like to share it all with you. We’ve had a blast making memories RVing in Colorado with our boys and hope they look back…

  • Kids' Art Display Wall
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    How to Make A Kids’ Art Display in 4 Easy Steps

    If you’ve got kids, then you probably have the same problem as most of us. What to do with all that art? It can quickly take over your counters, your fridge…your entire house! Today I’m going to show you our solution to the kids’ art dilemma. Read on to find out how to make a kids’ art display of your very own in just 4 easy steps. There are a lot of ideas out there for displaying your children’s art, and we’ve tried a few of them here and here. We’ve even gone the art on the fridge route for a while. However, I’m ready for something that feels a…

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    Horse Rides and Presidents in South Dakota

    We’re wrapping up our trip to South Dakota. In fact we’re driving home as I write this. We saw and did a lot but also had plenty of down time. We feel like we only scratched the surface of all that South Dakota has to offer. We all want to come back! Day 5: Sunday If you recall from my last post, it was rainy, rainy the night before. It continued to drizzle and be downcast on Sunday, so we were glad we hadn’t planned an outdoor activity. Custer State Park Drive We drove through Custer State Park in search of buffalo. They have a herd of 1300 that’s supposed…

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    Crazy Horse in South Dakota

    For day 4 of our South Dakota trip we decided to hang around the campground for a good chunk of the day and then go to Crazy Horse after lunch. Campground Jeremy and the boys did some exploring of the campground. It is HUGE! It seems we’re constantly finding a new area. Even with the map, it’s hard to picture the layout, and that’s not just my lack of directional skills speaking. Jeremy agrees with me. We quickly realized that the group in the tents was some kind of a family reunion or something, and while we were annoyed about how close they were, we tried to be a good…

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    South Dakota Trip: Days 2 and 3

    We continue our trip to South Dakota with a couple more days of fun and then exploring. Day 2 We slept incredibly late (for us anyway). A certain 4 year old never sleeps in at home, so we were surprised and thrilled that he slept late. We took our time after getting up to have breakfast and get ourselves together to go to Mount Rushmore. We had thought about going to Crazy Horse in the afternoon, but that ended up not happening. Mount Rushmore We’re only about 10 minutes away from the monument, so we got there quickly. We were a little concerned about parking when traffic stopped on the…

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    Summer Trip to South Dakota

    We’re on our big trip of the summer to South Dakota this week. I remember going when I was a kid, and it was one of my favorite trips! Day 1 This was a travel day for the most part. We didn’t leave terribly early. In order to avoid Denver’s morning rush hour, we’d have to leave super early or after it was over. We opted for leaving at about 9:30AM. It certainly wasn’t the most exciting drive, but we were glad to see that South Dakota sign. That sign was kind of tiny though! Come on, South Dakota, spring for a bigger sign. I almost missed it! Traveling Tips…

  • Our Boy Life - Tropical Discovery at Denver Zoo
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    How To Have a Fun Spring Break With Boys

    The key to a successful Spring Break with boys in our house is a balance of fun and relaxation time. We don’t want to be so busy that we’re overwhelmed, but too much boredom breeds fighting in my experience so far. We usually stay at home (in town that is), but we plan little activities throughout the week. Here’s how we had a successful (for the most part) Spring break this year. Days to Relax We took Monday and Tuesday to relax and hang out at home. Most of us are introverts (the jury is still out on the youngest little man), so we need time away from big crowds…

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