30 Before 30 {Update}

It’s been over three months since I started out on my “30 Before 30” adventure. Yikes! 3 months and I haven’t blogged a single thing since then. Maybe I should have picked “blog more consistently” as one of my “things” to complete. The truth is that life is busy and sometimes (well, most of the time) I’d rather spend time with my boys. I’m not a fast writer. I think about every.single.word…so it takes some time.


Well, anyway, I’m going to pull out my little “30 Before 30” journal here and give you an update. Here goes!

1. Consign at a children’s consignment sale
Done! I think I may do a separate post about this one. I learned a lot and think I’m going to do it again.

2. Get rid of maternity clothes
We are finished having kids, so I felt safe getting rid of my maternity clothes. I thought about consigning them but ended up donating them. I hope a mom to be was able to use them!

3. Backyard
Our backyard was a HUGE mess when we moved into our house last year. Thankfully, the hubby used to do landscaping on the side, so we  were able to fix it up. Pictures to come in a separate post.

4. Flowers

I’ve always wanted lots and lots of flowers at our house. I mean like a flower bed overflowing with them. We’ve just never been able to really do it like we wanted, but this year we did and I love it!

5. Refinish dining room chairs
I’m going to say this one is finished, and it was quite a transformation! It’s almost like we bought brand new chairs! Ok, we bought new chairs instead. More on that little adventure to come in a later post.

7. See a Cirque du Soleil Show (Yes, I skipped 6. We should do that one in July!)
We went and saw one last weekend! Super cool and totally worth the money. Side note: I was totally terrified to take any pictures before the show. They’re super strict about no pictures during the show, so in my “rule follower to the extreme” fashion I didn’t take a single picture of us “inside the big top”. I totally could have but didn’t want to get yelled at! The hubby took one of us though, so I’ll have to steal it from his phone.

9. Organize Pictures-NOT Finished!
It’s been a lifelong (a couple years at the least) dream of mine to have all my photos in one place online/in “the cloud”. Goodness, it’s taking forever. I guess I may be a little picture crazy. We have SO many. I’m making progress though, and reliving some memories along the way, so that’s fun.

10. Try 30 different nail polishes-Incomplete
I think this one was just an excuse to buy more nail polish. It’s going to work, though, because I’m getting close to running out of polishes. I think I’m about half way there, and have resorted to painting my toes with a different polish than my fingernails. Haha! Whatever works. I only have about a month and a half to go, so I have to get creative here!

12. Take a photography class
I’m counting this one as finished. It was just a little email “class” but I actually learned a lot, and it made me want to take a more in depth class. I still want to do that, but I’m not sure if it will happen before my birthday, so the email class will do for now.

15. Try 5 new ice cream or frozen yogurt flavors
This was probably the easiest one on the list. I mean, I could go to a frozen yogurt place and knock this one out in one trip (I didn’t). It was a good excuse to eat ice cream. Yum!

17. Complete 2 straight weeks of “Photo A Day
I’m so close to finishing this one I can taste it!

18. Fit into “those” pants

While they aren’t the most comfortable pants in my wardrobe (yoga pants, anyone?), I do fit into them and actually wore them out a couple times. Yay!

21. 30 days of yoga
I stumbled across Yoga with Adriene (she’s awesome!) on YouTube and her 30 Days of Yoga. I’ve always wanted to try yoga, and the whole 30 days thing went great with what I was going. Wow. This has been my favorite “thing” thus far. It’s amazing how much better my body felt during those 30 days. My back hasn’t felt that great in years. I kind of “fell off the wagon” but am starting round two of the 30 Days of Yoga and plan on making yoga a part of my life for good.

22. Make a digital scrapbook
Kind of a funny one, but I’ve always wanted to do this. My grandparents recently celebrated 60 years of marriage (wow!), and my cousin had the idea to create a photo book/digital scrapbook of the celebration for them. I ended up putting it together, and it was so much fun! I definitely want to make more. I’m thinking one for every year would be so awesome. Now to organize all those pictures…

23. Take a photo booth Picture

So I really meant an actual booth like you used to see in the mall a lot or at an arcade. This one was fun, so it will do for now. If we come across a photo booth, though, you can bet that we’re going to jump in and take a picture!

I’m still working on some of the others. This has been a lot of fun so far and also a great way to motivate me to get some of those projects finished that I’ve put off for a while. I think a yearly “bucket list” might be something we continue for years to come!


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