Chair Fiasco 2015 {#5 From 30 Before 30}

I had dreams. Oh, did I ever have dreams. Our dining room chairs had 3 layers of paint on them and were looking sad, so I decided #5 for my 30 Before 30 list was going to be refinishing those chairs. I was going to strip the paint, sand them, paint them…really do it right.
‘Was’ is the key word here people.
First, I tried just sanding them. If I did one chair a week, I could get them ready in about a month. I know technically it wasn’t impossible, but it wasn’t happening. It just wasn’t.
That little bit of sanding on that chair in front took me hours.
So I searched Pinterest and found that using a certain paint stripper was the way to go. It worked soooo great and made it soooo much easier.
So funny.
It did help. I’ll admit that. It was much, much easier than sanding alone. But there was still sanding that would have to be done due to the shape of the chairs and the stripper was still leaving paint behind AND it was only a week before I needed them to be finished.
It was hopeless!
We gave up. I gave up…and bought new ones. Inexpensive, never been painted, so much easier, new chairs.
And I’m not sorry. Not one little bit.
I’ve learned something about myself. I am not a furniture refinisher. Nope. Probably never will be. I’m just not patient enough. I’d much rather buy it all shiny and new. Or already refinished and new to me. That’s just how it’s going to be.
And the new chairs? Well, they look great. They’re very close to a match for the table, and we probably saved money once it was all said and done. They were less than $25 each since we happened to buy them during a Memorial Day sale.
And, hey, they make a cute prop, too. Can’t complain about that.
I’m counting this one as complete.
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