30 Sometime Around 30

Well, in keeping with “taking time to…”, I’ve taken my time updating the blog about my 30 Before 30 Adventure. The truth is that I’m still finishing the last 3. They’ve proven to be more difficult and/or time consuming than I had imagined. Though my birthday was at the beginning of August, I’m not just going to give up. Now my goal is to finish by the end of the year. I’m hoping this is a little more realistic.
And so here’s the list as it stands.
  • Consign at a Children’s Consignment Sale Read about it here.
  • Get rid of maternity clothes It’s a little hard to say goodbye to the baby carrying years. It’s such a wonderful experience to grow a little human. I was thankful to free up some space in the house though.
  • Redo backyard Read about it here.
  • Plant lots and lots of flowers Read about it here.
  • Refinish dining room chairs Read about the fiasco here.
  • Ride in a boat Fun! Mostly. It was a bit rainy and I was mildly terrified at first, but it turned out to be a fun outing during our week long camping trip in July.
  • See a Cirque show Super cool! I think I’ll want to see one anytime we’re somewhere that has them. In fact, I could go to Las Vegas just to see the Cirque shows.
  • Get a haircut While I didn’t “get” a haircut, I did cut it myself and love how it turned out. I haven’t had my hair cut professionally since before Big Brother was born, so I just used the ponytail method. It was a lot faster, easier and cheaper than going somewhere and it gave me just what I wanted. I kept all my length and now have a few layers.
  • Try 30 different nail polishes This was just for fun and was a good excuse to buy more nail polish. It also was a good way for me to go through what I have and get rid of some older polishes and ones that I don’t like anymore.
  • Learn to knit While I”m certainly no expert and have a long way to go, I’m making progress, so I’m going to mark this one off as complete. Maybe someday I’ll knit something and share it here. Haha. Maybe.
  • Take a photography class I’d like to learn more here, but I feel like I’ve improved. Getting a much better camera didn’t hurt anything either.
  • Visit 3 new city parks This was a fun one and a great way to explore our area.
  • Visit 3 new state parks Loved seeing different areas in our beautiful state!
  • Try 5 new ice cream or frozen yogurt flavors I finished this one so fast! Yum!
  • Do 30 little things just for me The biggest thing I got out of this is that it’s okay and important to take care of myself.
  • Complete 2 straight weeks of Photo a Day Read about it here.
  • Fit into “those” pants I did it! Here’s a picture.
  • Read 10 FUN books Such a great one. It got me back into reading and encouraged me to set up a Goodreads account. Seriously? How did I not have one before?
  • Learn yoga/30 days of yoga One of the best things EVER. I need to get back into it. I felt so.much.better when I was doing it every day.
  • Make a digital scrapbook I had envisioned doing a digital scrapbook for my little family but that didn’t quite happen yet. I did, however, make one for my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary party. Yep, SIXTY. Wow. They’re awesome!
  • Take pictures in a photobooth See it in this post.
  • Try 20 new recipes This might be a fun series someday. If I’m ever more than an occasional blogger, maybe I’ll do it.
  • Create vanity area So great. I won’t say too much because someday I’m hoping to blog about it.
  • Find a geocache Admittedly, I had a little “why don’t you look here” kind of help, but I did find it. I’m thinking this may just not be my thing.
  • Have a family picnic in the park day So my most awesome husband and family planned a surprise 30th birthday party for me and it just so happened to be in a park! Yeah, they’re awesome, and I’m totally counting it for this one.
  • Send more snail mail Isn’t it just thrilling to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk? It’s such a nice surprise and I’m always so excited to tear open that envelope. So I think it’s a great idea to send out little notes and surprises “just ’cause”.
  • Try 5 new restaurants A good way to get outside your food comfort zone.
  • Read the New Testament. Not there yet but getting so close!
  • Organize and upload pictures to “the cloud”. This is the one that is sitting in the corner laughing at me. “You’re never going to finish!” Oh my goodness I have way too many pictures. I’m sure it’s not record breaking but my goodness it’s taking forever to get them all in order and uploaded.
  • To Be Announced. Not that I don’t have this picked out. It’s just not quite ready to be shared with the world, because I don’t want some people to know about it. Hopefully I’ll finish AND blog about it before the end of the year.
Only 2 more months left in 2015! I’ve got to do it!
Maybe next year I’ll make it a goal to blog more often. We’ll see what happens.
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