Our Year in Review

2017 was a year of fun and growth for us all. We’ve enjoyed getting to know our new community since we moved last December and have had fun on some trips throughout the year. As they say, though, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s our year in pictures.


Big Brother turned 7.
We went on a cruise.
The view from the ship on our cruise was beautiful!


 Dart wars in our backyard

Valentine’s Day

Big Brother had his first big project and made a diorama.
Having fun shoveling.
Visit to Casa Bonita in Denver.
Lost a tooth at the dentist.


Lost both front teeth!
“Met” the surprise baby giraffe at the Denver Zoo.
Jeremy built us a dining room table.
Diving in the recycling can!
Spring soccer.

 Visit to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo with Grandpa and Grandpa.

 Avalanche game with cousins.

First camping trip of the year in our new trailer.


Bubbles in our backyard.

We’ve really enjoyed our climbing tree in our front yard.

Silly boy discovered snow boots with shorts.
We started seeds for a vegetable garden.


Egg hunt in our backyard with friends.
Egg coloring.
Egg coloring.
We served as a family at church for Easter.
We served as a family at church for Easter.
Silly Easter picture at Jeremy’s parents.
Awana awards night.

We had a nice snow storm at the end of April and the boys were able to sled in our backyard.


Field day at Big Brother’s new school
Last day of first grade!
Memorial Day camping
Memorial Day camping
Little Brother turned 3 at the end of May.
Big Brother played summer baseball.


Little Brother’s Thomas the Train birthday party.
Big Brother lost his 5th tooth!
The boys new play set. They love it!
Day Out With Thomas with some friends.


First sparklers for both of the boys. Thanks Papa!
Hung out at home with family on 4th of July.
We went for a ride as part of our 11th anniversary weekend.

July Camping Trip

We went with both sets of parents (all the boys’ grandparents) on a week long camping trip to the Glenwood Springs and Breckenridge areas.


Fun at a splash pad.
I celebrated my 32nd birthday.

Zoo Trip

Imitating the condor behind him. The bird stood like that for quite a while!
At a family reunion.
First day of 2nd grade.

Weekend camping trip with just the 4 of us.

Trip to the Denver Museum while Big Brother was at school.
At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Little Brother had fun at the “Meet and Greet” for his preschool.


Big Brother did great riding his motorcycle during our Labor Day camping trip.

First day of preschool for Little Brother.

Big Brother got to help drop him off.
Fun in the grass as the leaves started to fall.
Little Brother got to play soccer for the first time.

We adopted our new puppy, Winston.

Field day was fun at Big Brother’s school.
Little Winston quickly became attached to me.
The boys loved playing with their new pal.


We discovered that Little Brother loves story time and playing at the library now.
Winston loved his first snow!
Little Brother enjoyed Pirate day at school and was dubbed “Captain Tanner”
He also enjoyed the day they learned about fire fighters and even got a visit from some fire fighters at school.

We took advantage of a day off of school and went to zoo again. We love the zoo!

Big Brother discovered that he likes playing chess and even joined the chess club at school!
We have enjoyed the new ice cream “joint” close to our house.
We had fun at a local Halloween event and embraced the boys love of Pokemon and dressed as Pokemon and their trainers.

 We took the boys to a pumpkin patch with actual pumpkin fields to pick out pumpkins with some family.

Always something silly going on in our house!
I made this frame for Big Brother’s Halloween party at school, but Little Brother enjoyed posing with it too.


Silly boy. He loves having hair clips in his hair and wearing my necklaces.
Little Brother really enjoyed our Thankful Tree.
Bedtime shenanigans. Jeremy discovered that he could give a double piggy back ride.
Little Brother enjoyed sitting at the Breakfast Bar Jeremy built to eat breakfast. He was talking away as usual in this picture.

Setting up the Christmas tree is one of my favorite traditions!

I really enjoy having another little buddy!
We celebrated Jeremy’s 33rd birthday with cherry pie!
 The boys were sure to write their letters to Santa in plenty of time this year. Jayden later figured out the secret of us being Santa, but he’s been ok with it. He actually seemed excited that he figured it out!


Even though we’re only half way through December, we’ve already done quite a bit!
The first weekend of December we looked at Christmas lights with grandparents and found a neat house that we were able to walk around and look at the decorations.
Winston had his first ear infection. Poor thing! We’re learning how to take care of a floppy eared dog’s ears.

 We took a trip to the North Pole with family.

We’ve been emphasizing the story of Jesus’ birth this Christmas season, and this first gift of Christmas from the boy’s aunt and uncle was perfect for what we’ve been talking about.

Little Brother was quick to tell us that animals poo in stables, and it’s loud and noisy. Something he learned at school.

Big Brother had his first school play. He had 2 lines and for one of the lines he was “Papa Snowman” pictured here.
It has been a truly wonderful year, and we’re excited for the year to come!
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