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All You Need to Know About Our Decision to RV Full Time

We’re going RVing! Full time RVing that is. We’re excited to share our journey, so in this post I’m going to share all you need to know about our decision to RV full time. How did we come up with this crazy idea anyway? We’ll dive into that along with some of the process to […]


Free Printable Straightforward Summer Countdown

This year I decided we needed a big printable summer countdown. We love a good countdown here. I’ve been making them for years, but I wanted to do something quick and easy this time. It’s working great so far! The boys enjoy taking a day down at the end of each of our school days. […]


Over 50 Awesome Things for Kids to Do This Spring and Summer

We’re starting to think about summer break and summer plans around here, so we sat down and came up with over 50 awesome things to do this spring and summer with kids. Spring fever has definitely hit us here. We can’t wait to start making plans and will hopefully share some of our summer adventures […]

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An Amazing Chore Chart That Finally Works: The Chore Tally Sheet

For years I’ve been trying to find a chore chart system that works for us, and I’ve finally figured out an amazing chore chare that finally works. We’ve tried all kinds of ideas. From the time our oldest was old enough to have chores, I thought it was a nice idea for him to have […]

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How to Connect A Supervised Nintendo Switch Account to Epic Games

I never really envisioned myself writing this kind of blog post, but I recently spent hours (yes, HOURS) trying to figure out how to connect a supervised Nintendo Switch account to Epic Games. That time was too much to waste, so thought I should share what I finally figured out. Once it was all said […]

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Planning a Safe, Fun, and Fantastic Week for Spring Break

I’m excited about planning spring break this year! We’re staying home as we usually do for spring break, and I’ve learned that it’s best to have some kind of plan, or the week will fly by and feel wasted. Though we’re not going anywhere, I know we’ll have a fun time doing some different things […]

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How to Survive A Pandemic with Young Boys

“How to survive a pandemic with young boys.” Boy that sounds dramatic. But the truth is that’s what we may feel like we’re doing…just “surviving”. What about living? Really living? Is that even possible right now? I say it is. In fact, in some ways I feel like we as a family are living more […]

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Where to Stay and Stop Easily in Texas: Five Proven Places for RVs

Campgrounds Let’s start with the obvious choice of where to stay in Texas, and that is campgrounds. We found no shortage of campgrounds to choose from along the way. The boys love a good KOA the most, and Reed may even thing that KOA is just another word for campground. They usually have nice amenities, […]


Easy Summer Activities When You’re Stuck at Home

These last few months have been tough, and this summer isn’t going to look “normal” for any of us, so some easy summer activities at home are going to have to take the place of some of those typical summer activities. There aren’t many places opened in our area yet, so we’re going to get […]

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Top 5 Indoor Activities To Do At Home with Boys

“We can’t watch TV all day!”, our energetic, boisterous 5 year old spouted off recently. He just couldn’t stand the thought of sitting still and not DOING something, but we preferred not to go out in the cold that chilly winter day. So, some indoor activities that we could do at home were in order. […]