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    Thanksgiving Activities Jar

    I like to try to celebrate and do activities as we approach Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach our kids about gratitude. This year we wrote down several ideas for “gratitude activities” and put them in our Thanksgiving Activities Jar. We’d like to do one activity each day, but we’re doing them as we have time. Life can be busy as kids get older and start doing activities! Gratitude and Thanksgiving Activities: Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Write a thank you note. Call your grandparents and say hi. Write a list of the things you love about someone and give it to them. Say a prayer to thank God for all your…

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    Spring Blizzard Activities

    It’s Spring time in Colorado, so it’s the perfect time for…a blizzard! As a native Coloradan I can tell you that March and April are some of the prime times for big snow storms and today was no exception. Though it was 70 degrees and sunny yesterday, today we found ourselves stuck inside, but there was still plenty of fun without the sun. First we played some games. Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Operation are favorites. For a nice twist on Candy Land we used these cards to do a little sight word review and learning on a day off from school. Big Brother is doing better and better…

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    Pipe Cleaner Fun

    I’m always on the lookout for any little thing that might entertain or interest Little Man. This simple activity was a surprising hit (even the Big Guy thought it was really cool!).   You just need a plastic bottle, pipe cleaners, and a strong magnet.   Cut up the pipe cleaners and put them in the bottle.   Screw on the lid and use the magnet to move the pipe cleaners around in the bottle. It’s surprisingly entertaining! {You can see the original idea here}   Want more ideas for fun with your kids? Check out my board for Kids’ Play: Inside Follow Erin’s board Kids’ Play: Inside on Pinterest.

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    Simple Countdown to Baby

    We’re getting closer and closer to Baby’s arrival! Little Man can’t quite grasp the concept of time and when Baby is coming, so I thought a countdown was in order. This gives Little Man (and me!) a visual of the days until the due date. It’s also a great way for him to participate in something involving Baby.   Each circle has details about that particular day. Little Man takes down the circle from the previous day as we countdown to the due date (they’re attached with a glue that removes easily). Before we know it, there won’t be any circles left. We’re so excited for this baby to arrive!…

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    Toilet Paper Roll Cars

    I love a good project using items from around the house! These cars are fun to play with but were even more fun to make. We painted them, punched out circles to attach as wheels with little brads, and added number stickers and a steering wheel to each. So much fun!   Little Man liked them so much that he had to be in some of the pictures. I found the idea on Pinterest, of course, and you can view the original project here (it’s in Hungarian, but the pictures are great and easy to follow). Start saving those toilet paper rolls and you can make some too! Want more…

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    Mud, Mud, MUD!!!

    Mud. It’s a useful thing, right? People have even used it to help build things all around the world. It can be an amazing thing. It can also be a catalyst to a few simple moments of just plain fun.      Grandpa even got in on the fun… Boys. 🙂 I’m soooo glad I listened to that little voice of mother’s intuition and grabbed Little Man extra clothes and shoes that day. Not sure what made me do it, but we can all see they were very needed!

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    Keep ‘Em Busy {Summer & Road Trip Fun}

      One of my favorite (and most popular) boards on Pinterest is my “Keep ‘Em Busy” board. It’s all about keeping your kids busy, and if you have at least one kid like mine, you’ll understand the importance of this. He’s always moving, so life is just a little better when he’s busy. Anyway…back at my other blog I shared several posts with activities for little ones. Since we’re still in the summer months but maybe getting to that point of wanting school to start, I thought I’d re-share a few of those posts with you today. Give you a little inspiration to keep those kids busy for the rest of the summer…

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    Window Safari {Cardboard Tube Fun}

    If you’ve been around a 3 year old much at all, then you know that it doesn’t take much to spark that little one’s imagination. Cardboard tubes, for example, are always, always the beginning of some great fun! Our most recent creation was binoculars which led to going on a sort of “window and patio safari” in our apartment. You would not believe the animals we saw! There were hippos, crocodiles and all sorts of animals. They just kept showing up! Take a look… Don’t see it? Look a little closer… Ahha! You had to see it that time, right? That elephant just snuck right in there! We couldn’t just…

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    Adventures In The City

    It’s been over seven weeks since we made the trek from Colorado Springs to the Denver area, and we’ve had many an adventure since then! The Big Guy is working enough for the both of us, so I am now officially a stay at home mom. It’s something I’ve wanted from the moment I laid eyes on the Little Man though I didn’t always realize it. That being said, being stuck in a two bedroom apartment with a 3 year old day after day is not ideal, so I’ve made it a point to get out and “do stuff”. There is sooooo much to do up here, and a lot…