• DIY LEGO Shirts
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    DIY LEGO Shirts

    Making birthday shirts for our youngest has become a tradition in recent years, so this year some DIY LEGO shirts were in order. Since he was having more than one party, just one shirt wouldn’t do! Here’s how the shirts came together. Supplies for Painting DIY LEGO Shirts Fabric paint (you can use puffy paint, but I found actual fabric paint works best) Paint brushes (including a round paint sponge for this project) Blank t-shirt (or two) Freezer Paper Shirt design (create or find your design and print it on regular printer paper) An iron A cutting mat or piece of cardboard that will fit inside the shirt Painting Steps…

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    Easy Boy Birthday Cards You Can Make Yourself

    I’ve been making cards for quite sometime now, and I’ve realized that cool designs for handmade boy birthday cards are a little hard to find. They’re at least a lot harder to find than cute handmade girl cards! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to make cards, so I make sure to take note when I come across an awesome design for a handmade boy card. I’m sharing some cards today that we’ve made and loved! Car Birthday Card How to make this card: Little Brother and I made this card together, and gave it to one of his cousins. I printed the little cars and let him…

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    We Love You Photo Gift Free Template

    This picture collage would make a super cute gift anytime, but it’d be especially great for Valentine’s Day! We made it for the boys’ grandma on her birthday last year. As you can see, there was some sillyness with the picture taking, but that made it even cuter in my opinion! I chose a different background for each of my boys, so that there would be some contrast between their pictures. We took them in the same room, though, so the lighting was similar. Then I put the pictures all together in Photoshop, printed them, and put them in a frame. It turned out cute! If you have Photoshop, you…

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  • Our Boy Life | Thanksgiving Thankful Tree
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    Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

    Every year our family likes to reflect on what we are thankful for. I think it’s a good way to get the boys to think about all we have and how much we are blessed. We usually do a Thanksgiving Paper Chain and have even done a Thankful Jar but this year, I wanted to do something different…something bigger. A big Thankful Tree was perfect. Creating the Tree I found this tree, decided I could make something similar, and set to work. Using that tree as an example, I used 30 inch wide craft paper to draw a tree with pencil. Then, I painted over the pencil drawing and filled in…

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    DIY 4th of July Flag Shirt {And Our 4th of July Fun}

    This year we stayed home and hung out at our house for 4th of July. I didn’t want to make a big production of it like we did for Little Brother’s birthday party, but I still wanted the day to be special. So I planned a few little activities to do around the house, and we had a few people over to just hang out and relax. My favorite activity of the day was making these cute DIY flag t-shirts. I found the idea at the last minute the day before 4th of July, but we were able to whip them together easily on Independence Day morning after breakfast. Supplies:…

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    Kids’ Art Wall

    Where do you put your kids’ art? The refrigerator is a great place, right? In our house, though, the front of the refrigerator is not magnetic, so we needed another solution. Tape on the refrigerator would work, but I decided it’d been fun to use their art as decoration. We use little clothes pins to attach their art to braided embossing thread which is attached to the wall with push pins. Simple.   I wanted a neat “Art” sign and was pinching pennies at the time, so I made these from items I had laying around the house. I printed each letter on paper for a template and then cut…

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    Sticky Note Countdown

    Another change is coming for our little family. We’re moving again! It’s just to a different part of the city, but it’s a house, an actual house! It’s the kind of house that we can stay in forever, so we’re super excited! It’s an older home, so be watching in the coming months for posts about our projects around the house. In preparation for our move, I decided to make a little countdown. I though sticky notes would be an easy way of making a chain countdown and they would be small too. It fit just perfectly on our chalkboard. Unfortunately, my genius plan wasn’t so genius after all as…

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    Holiday Countdown Chain

    This time of year can be busy, busy, busy! Along with one holiday after another, we also have Little Man’s birthday in early January. This year, we’re throwing a little more into the mix with a move to our new home in November! It’s going to be a crazy few months. I thought it’d be fun to have a visual, so we made this Holiday Countdown Chain. Each link has a date and certain days are decorated appropriately. It was quick and easy to make and a fun way to countdown the days until some of the major events coming up for us. Would you like to make your own…

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    Brother Shirts {And a Cute Newborn Shirt}

     There’s not a whole lot to say about these except, aren’t they just too cute?!? We’re taking them to the hospital to hopefully get some cute shots of the new brothers together. They’re going to be adorable together! Here’s a close up of each…   Adorable! I created the shirts using freezer paper stenciling and fabric paint. If you’ve never tried it, you should check out this video tutorial. It’s super easy and fun! While I was at it, I decided to make this little cutie too: Ahhh! So cute! Hopefully, I’ll have pictures to share of the boys in the shirts soon! {See my inspiration for all these shirts here…

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    Hospital Maternity Duffle Bag {And Some Help Packing It}

    Sometime in the process of perusing blogs and Pinterest while preparing for Little Brother’s arrival, I decided it would be fun to make a new duffle bag for our hospital stay. I looked and look on Pinterest for an easy {and free} pattern and came across this one from Family Ever After. UPDATE 11/12/18: You can see a picture of the original pattern here, but the pattern is no longer available. 🙁 With some minor modifications to the measurements to make it bigger, I was able to easily sew this cute bag. I already had all the supplies, so it didn’t even cost me a penny. Score! There’s plenty of…

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