Hospital Maternity Duffle Bag {And Some Help Packing It}

Sometime in the process of perusing blogs and Pinterest while preparing for Little Brother’s arrival, I decided it would be fun to make a new duffle bag for our hospital stay. I looked and look on Pinterest for an easy {and free} pattern and came across this one from Family Ever After.
UPDATE 11/12/18: You can see a picture of the original pattern here, but the pattern is no longer available. 🙁
With some minor modifications to the measurements to make it bigger, I was able to easily sew this cute bag. I already had all the supplies, so it didn’t even cost me a penny. Score! There’s plenty of room for everything we’ll need during our stay, and it will make a great overnight bag later down the road.
Some items you’ll find in our bag:
-A notebook
-Hair ties, clips, and head bands
-Tennis balls (for massages during labor)
-“Going home” clothes
-Little Man’s gift for the baby
-Focal point
We packed a separate bag for the baby with a couple outfits, blankets, socks, and fun stuff like that.
Some good resources for deciding what to pack in your bag:
I think the best list I looked at was the one from our hospital. I’d check to see if your hospital has their own list, but this one is great.
This post also has some great ideas. One of the best ideas she has is to write a list of last minute items to grab that you can’t pack now (your cell phone/phone charger, makeup, etc). You may not be able to remember all those things if you’re running out the door to go to the hospital.
We’re feeling prepared and anxiously awaiting the day we get to carry that bag into the hospital with us!

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