RVing: Royal Gorge KOA

August brought our annual family reunion, and this year we went RVing at the Royal Gorge KOA. It was a faster trip than some of our other RVing trips this summer, but it was a fun one.

Mini golfing

While it’s not the nicest campground (or KOA) we’ve ever seen, it IS a lot of fun. The giant slide was so much fun! The also have mini golf, go carts, and a pool. Our family needed a place with options for people without RVing and camping equipment. Like many KOAs, this campground had some great options.

See some of the fun in the short YouTube video below. We’ll at least be back for the slide!

Buena Vista

RVing to the Royal Gorge KOA was a really quick trip but we do mention our trip to Buena Vista the weekend before in the video. Even though we didn’t have a lot to share about it on the video, we thought we’d share some more here.

Where We Stayed

We found a little spot to pull off on Friday night (that’s what’s shown in the video), and then went into Buena Vista the next day. We didn’t plan too far in advance but were able to get reservations at Mt. Princeton RV Park. It was pretty basic but did the trick. If you have pets, this may not the best place for you. The park isn’t what we’d call pet friendly—they tolerate pets but don’t seem too excited about them being there. We were glad we didn’t have our Winston with us.

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs

We’d never been to Mt. Princeton and are glad we finally got to go. If you have kids, go straight to the upper, newer area (away from the river). Go down the river and older area of the resort if you want a quieter experience. This is also the area that you can sometimes go into the river and soak. This was not open for us.

Pronouncing Buena Vista

How do you pronounce Buena Vista? We have a friend who lived in Buena Vista when she was younger and has made sure we know how to pronounce it. If you’re familiar with Spanish, it’s not what you might think! According to a brochure we picked up about the town, the name is intentionally mispronounced as ” ‘bew-na vista’ to play off the ‘bew’ sound in beautiful.”

You learn something new all the time!

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