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    30 Sometime Around 30

    Well, in keeping with “taking time to…”, I’ve taken my time updating the blog about my 30 Before 30 Adventure. The truth is that I’m still finishing the last 3. They’ve proven to be more difficult and/or time consuming than I had imagined. Though my birthday was at the beginning of August, I’m not just going to give up. Now my goal is to finish by the end of the year. I’m hoping this is a little more realistic.   And so here’s the list as it stands.     Consign at a Children’s Consignment Sale Read about it here. Get rid of maternity clothes It’s a little hard to…

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    Photo A Day {#17 of 30 Before 30}

    Probably a couple years ago I stumbled across the Photo A Day challenge from Fat Mum Slim on Instagram. I got into it. It’s fun! But I’ve never been able to consistently take a picture for several days in a row. I’d forget or not be able to come up with an idea. It’s something I really thought I wanted to do, so I put “complete 2 straight weeks of photo a day” on my 30 Before 30 list. And…I did it! Here’s the result:   It was a fun challenge to complete, and I had even more fun than I have taking pictures for the challenge in the past.…

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    Chair Fiasco 2015 {#5 From 30 Before 30}

    I had dreams. Oh, did I ever have dreams. Our dining room chairs had 3 layers of paint on them and were looking sad, so I decided #5 for my 30 Before 30 list was going to be refinishing those chairs. I was going to strip the paint, sand them, paint them…really do it right. ‘Was’ is the key word here people. First, I tried just sanding them. If I did one chair a week, I could get them ready in about a month. I know technically it wasn’t impossible, but it wasn’t happening. It just wasn’t. That little bit of sanding on that chair in front took me hours. So I…

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    Backyard Makeover {#3 In My 30 Before 30 Series}

    When we moved from an apartment to our new home in November of last year, we were excited to have a backyard again. The problem, however, was that it was a total mess. What once was probably covered in rock was now rock with a lot of dirt mixed into it…or maybe dumped onto from the looks of things once we started digging. I really wanted to be able to use the yard, and, more importantly, I wanted the boys to have a nice place to play outside. So in April, with the goal of finishing for Little Brother’s birthday at the end of May, we got to work. First…

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    30 Things: Consigning

    Though I really thought my first “thing” from my 30 Before 30 list to complete would be trying 5 new types of ice cream (lol, I wish!), the first one was in fact consigning at a children’s consignment sale. Looking back, it was an odd choice, but I knew that if I didn’t put it on the list, I wouldn’t make myself try it. It was something new and a little scary and that makes me a wee bit uncomfortable. As much as moving from my home town has forced me to grow, I still like my comfort zone, my little bubble, so I have to sometimes “encourage” myself to…

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