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    Meet Winston

    Meet Winston. He’s an Australian Labradoodle who joined our family a little over 2 weeks ago. We just love him! He can be sweet and ornery…just like our boys! Speaking of our boys…they’re both just thrilled to have a little “brother”. Early on, he became my little shadow, and he took to laying or sitting on my feet whenever I stood still…even if only for a moment. But I don’t mind him being my shadow. Who could resist this face? At first he wasn’t too sure about his new home (he did not like these stairs), but now he’s taking it all in stride and is right at home with…

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    30 Before 30 {Update}

    It’s been over three months since I started out on my “30 Before 30” adventure. Yikes! 3 months and I haven’t blogged a single thing since then. Maybe I should have picked “blog more¬†consistently” as one of my “things” to complete. The truth is that life is busy and sometimes (well, most of the time) I’d rather spend time with my boys. I’m not a fast writer. I think about every.single.word…so it takes some time.   Well, anyway, I’m going to pull out my little “30 Before 30” journal here and give you an update. Here goes! 1. Consign at a children’s consignment sale Done! I think I may do…

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    Goodbye Twenties {30 Before 30}

    About a month ago, I realized I would be turning 30 in six short months. Whoa. 30. Saying goodbye to your twenties can be tough for some. I’m determined, however, to celebrate it. I’ve been on this earth for almost 3 decades! Doing anything for that long is something to celebrate. So I decided to come up with a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. I asked my friend and family for ideas, posted on my Facebook page about it, and searched Pinterest for ideas. Some are just little things (like getting rid of all my maternity clothes), and some are going to take a little…

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    Adventures In The City

    It’s been over seven weeks since we made the trek from Colorado Springs to the Denver area, and we’ve had many an adventure since then! The Big Guy is working enough for the both of us, so I am now officially a stay at home mom. It’s something I’ve wanted from the moment I laid eyes on the Little Man though I didn’t always realize it. That being said, being stuck in a two bedroom apartment with a 3 year old day after day is not ideal, so I’ve made it a point to get out and “do stuff”. There is sooooo much to do up here, and a lot…