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    Easy Boy Birthday Cards You Can Make Yourself

    I’ve been making cards for quite sometime now, and I’ve realized that cool designs for handmade boy birthday cards are a little hard to find. They’re at least a lot harder to find than cute handmade girl cards! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to make cards, so I make sure to take note when I come across an awesome design for a handmade boy card. I’m sharing some cards today that we’ve made and loved! Car Birthday Card How to make this card: Little Brother and I made this card together, and gave it to one of his cousins. I printed the little cars and let him…

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    Valentine’s Day Picture Ideas

     For the past several years, I’ve tried to take a picture of the boys for Valentine’s Day and we send it to family. It’s a fun way to remind them that we love them. This is this year’s picture. The actual picture took less than five minutes. I’ve learned that the quicker the better when taking photos of the boys as they lose interest (there may have been a candy incentive for them this year…yeah, I’m not above bribes). Last year, Big Brother just wasn’t feeling the whole  picture thing, but Little Brother was crazy about this! This one wasn’t easy and is VERY edited, but I thought it turned out…

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    Handmade Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

    This is a throwback to some cards the boys made all the way back in 2016. It doesn’t seem like that would be that long ago, but the boys have changed so, so much since then! So keeping that in mind, these cards were made by a 1.5 and 6 year old. Big Brother’s hand just barely fit on the paper for the monkey. I remember thinking that that was probably the last year he’d be doing any kind of a hand print card!   So since I was talking about the monkey card, let’s take a closer look at that one first. You’ll need the following: card stock (white…

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    Picture Frame Bulletin Boards

    Big Brother has needed somewhere to put little keepsakes for sometime now. They’ve been piling up in his dresser drawer. When I bought too much cork for another project, I realized I could use the extra cork to make him some bulletin boards. I started out by looking for some extra frames around the house. These frames have been around since early in our marriage and have been used for several different projects over the years. Pictures of Big Brother I painted, Nursery art, and Toddler Bedroom art were the most recent uses for them. I repainted the frames black since orange doesn’t really go with Big Brother’s room. Then…

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    Building a Backyard Play Set

    We recently were able to buy a backyard play set (swing set) for the boys, and I thought I’d share some of the photos from while Jeremy and my dad were building it. There were A LOT of pieces. Jeremy says that there was not a single piece that you didn’t have to put together. This was after about 5 hours of work. They were nearly finished here. After about 8 1/2 hours of work, they finished! The next day we added mulch underneath, and now the boys are loving their new play set! A couple tips and some information: The estimated assembly time was 8-10 hours for 2 people,…

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    DIY 4th of July Flag Shirt {And Our 4th of July Fun}

    This year we stayed home and hung out at our house for 4th of July. I didn’t want to make a big production of it like we did for Little Brother’s birthday party, but I still wanted the day to be special. So I planned a few little activities to do around the house, and we had a few people over to just hang out and relax. My favorite activity of the day was making these cute DIY flag t-shirts. I found the idea at the last minute the day before 4th of July, but we were able to whip them together easily on Independence Day morning after breakfast. Supplies:…

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    How To Plan A Thomas the Train Birthday Party

    Since Little Brother loves just about anything that “goes”, we decided a Thomas The Train Birthday Party would be the perfect choice to celebrate his 3rd birthday. I did a lot of planning and searching for ideas, and I’m sharing them here, so you can easily plan a Thomas the Train Birthday Party too. Let’s get planning! Scroll on for more details! Entry The first thing our guests saw at our Thomas the Train Birthday Party was Thomas on the Track on our front sidewalk.I found the idea for the “3 YR OLD CROSSING” sign and duct tape tracks both on Pinterest. The tracks take a lot more duct tape…

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    A Day Out With Thomas

    Recently, we went to “A Day Out With Thomas” at the Colorado Railroad Museum. I actually chose Thomas as Little Brother’s birthday party theme with this event in mind since I already had the tickets. Little Brother loves Thomas even more since his birthday, so it was great planning! There were several activities to do and trains and cars to explore before our departure time. If you love trains, this is the place to go! They even had a scavenger hunt of sorts with a prize at the end. The Railroad Museum allows you to bring a picnic lunch, so the boys did that while we picked up some barbecue…

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    3 Steps to Creating a Transportation Bedroom

    With 2 boys in our family, we have an obsession with all things transportation. So when it was time to convert our nursery into a “big boy” bedroom, a transportation bedroom was the natural choice for a theme. Bye, bye, cute nursery… Hello Big Boy Room! Little Brother has become obsessed with trucks, cars, boats, planes…you get the picture, so this was indeed the perfect choice for him. We completed his new bedroom in 3 easy steps.   Transportation Bedroom Step One: A Big Kid Bed We, of course, had to get a big boy bed and went with one from IKEA (I can’t find it online anymore, but these…

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    Kids’ Art Wall

    Where do you put your kids’ art? The refrigerator is a great place, right? In our house, though, the front of the refrigerator is not magnetic, so we needed another solution. Tape on the refrigerator would work, but I decided it’d been fun to use their art as decoration. We use little clothes pins to attach their art to braided embossing thread which is attached to the wall with push pins. Simple.   I wanted a neat “Art” sign and was pinching pennies at the time, so I made these from items I had laying around the house. I printed each letter on paper for a template and then cut…

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