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    We Love You Photo Gift Free Template

    This picture collage would make a super cute gift anytime, but it’d be especially great for Valentine’s Day! We made it for the boys’ grandma on her birthday last year. As you can see, there was some sillyness with the picture taking, but that made it even cuter in my opinion! I chose a different background for each of my boys, so that there would be some contrast between their pictures. We took them in the same room, though, so the lighting was similar. Then I put the pictures all together in Photoshop, printed them, and put them in a frame. It turned out cute! If you have Photoshop, you…

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    Family Valentine Card Template

    A couple years ago we took a bunch of Valentine’s Day pictures, and I put together this cute printable Valentine for our family.   It was a cute way for the boys to say “We Love You”.   I’m making the Photoshop file for the card template available for you to download here for free. You’ll need the appleberry font for the “Happy Valentine’s Day” heart, or choose a favorite font of your own! Get some ideas for pictures from my post here. Have fun creating and photo taking!

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    Valentine’s Day Picture Ideas

     For the past several years, I’ve tried to take a picture of the boys for Valentine’s Day and we send it to family. It’s a fun way to remind them that we love them. This is this year’s picture. The actual picture took less than five minutes. I’ve learned that the quicker the better when taking photos of the boys as they lose interest (there may have been a candy incentive for them this year…yeah, I’m not above bribes). Last year, Big Brother just wasn’t feeling the whole  picture thing, but Little Brother was crazy about this! This one wasn’t easy and is VERY edited, but I thought it turned out…

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    School Valentines For Boys

    Big Brother has been in school for several years now, but this will be the first year that both boys will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at school. We’ve done a few cute Valentine’s over the years, and I thought I’d share some of our School Valentines for Boys!   This “I Am Wheelie Glad We’re Friends” Valentine is one I made in 2015 in Big Brother’s 2nd year of preschool. You can find the free printable I designed here. Big Brother added stickers, we wrote his name on them, and they were good to go! I like how they can be attached to the Hotwheels package without taking the cars…

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    Love Inspiration

    Some time back I was reading part of 1 Corinthians 13 (verses 4-7) and was inspire anew. I’m sure most of you have read it. It’s the love chapter after all. It really hit me, though, that we could (and should) use this chapter as guide for how to show people love…how we can live out love. I started to put it into my own words and words my boys could understand and soon came up with this: (download the FREE printable here) The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like something that should be on the wall. A “family rules” kind of a thing. So I…

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    Valentine A Day [14 Day of Valentines]

    When I first started blogging, one of the first things I found and tried on another blog was 14 Days of Valentines. It’s a cute and easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, AND it can also be fairly inexpensive too! I haven’t done it in several years but decided to go for it again this year and started last Friday on February 1st with some simple (and sometimes silly) Valentines for my husband. It’s not too late though! You can throw some of these together quickly and get started right away! First, if you’re anything like me, you need a plan, so I made this “Valentine A Day” printable, so…

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  • Our Boy Life | Thanksgiving Thankful Tree
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    Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

    Every year our family likes to reflect on what we are thankful for. I think it’s a good way to get the boys to think about all we have and how much we are blessed. We usually do a Thanksgiving Paper Chain and have even done a Thankful Jar but this year, I wanted to do something different…something bigger. A big Thankful Tree was perfect. Creating the Tree I found this tree, decided I could make something similar, and set to work. Using that tree as an example, I used 30 inch wide craft paper to draw a tree with pencil. Then, I painted over the pencil drawing and filled in…

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    Picture Frame Bulletin Boards

    Big Brother has needed somewhere to put little keepsakes for sometime now. They’ve been piling up in his dresser drawer. When I bought too much cork for another project, I realized I could use the extra cork to make him some bulletin boards. I started out by looking for some extra frames around the house. These frames have been around since early in our marriage and have been used for several different projects over the years. Pictures of Big Brother I painted, Nursery art, and Toddler Bedroom art were the most recent uses for them. I repainted the frames black since orange doesn’t really go with Big Brother’s room. Then…

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    Bay Window Seat Transformation

    When we first found our house, one of the many things I loved about it was the window seat in the living room. I’ve always loved the idea of a window seat. Here it is before we moved into the house. As you can see, it needed a little sprucing up. The first thing we did was take down all the curtains. It just blocked too much of the light. Since the room isn’t super bright, I didn’t want to go with anything too heavy, so I found some fairly lightweight, white curtains and skipped any type of shade on the individual windows. Then I painted the seat and made…

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    DIY 4th of July Flag Shirt {And Our 4th of July Fun}

    This year we stayed home and hung out at our house for 4th of July. I didn’t want to make a big production of it like we did for Little Brother’s birthday party, but I still wanted the day to be special. So I planned a few little activities to do around the house, and we had a few people over to just hang out and relax. My favorite activity of the day was making these cute DIY flag t-shirts. I found the idea at the last minute the day before 4th of July, but we were able to whip them together easily on Independence Day morning after breakfast. Supplies:…

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