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    Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

    Every year our family likes to reflect on what we are thankful for. I think it’s a good way to get the boys to think about all we have and how much we are blessed. We usually do a Thanksgiving Paper Chain and have even done a Thankful Jar but this year, I wanted to do something different…something bigger. A big Thankful Tree was perfect. Creating the Tree I found this tree, decided I could make something similar, and set to work. Using that tree as an example, I used 30 inch wide craft paper to draw a tree with pencil. Then, I painted over the pencil drawing and filled in…

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    Picture Frame Bulletin Boards

    Big Brother has needed somewhere to put little keepsakes for sometime now. They’ve been piling up in his dresser drawer. When I bought too much cork for another project, I realized I could use the extra cork to make him some bulletin boards. I started out by looking for some extra frames around the house. These frames have been around since early in our marriage and have been used for several different projects over the years. Pictures of Big Brother I painted, Nursery art, and Toddler Bedroom art were the most recent uses for them. I repainted the frames black since orange doesn’t really go with Big Brother’s room. Then…

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    Bay Window Seat Transformation

    When we first found our house, one of the many things I loved about it was the window seat in the living room. I’ve always loved the idea of a window seat. Here it is before we moved into the house. As you can see, it needed a little sprucing up. The first thing we did was take down all the curtains. It just blocked too much of the light. Since the room isn’t super bright, I didn’t want to go with anything too heavy, so I found some fairly lightweight, white curtains and skipped any type of shade on the individual windows. Then I painted the seat and made…

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    A Secret Garden

    When we first looked at our home, we could easily tell that the former owner was crazy about roses. They were all over the backyard and there was even a fenced in area that looked to be mostly roses. I love flower and roses, so I loved the idea of all the roses. When Spring started to arrive, we soon discovered that the former owner wasn’t just into roses. Since March we’ve had one surprise after another. All kinds of flowers have “shown up” and I LOVE it! A post shared by Erin (@ourboylife) on Mar 20, 2017 at 7:23pm PDT Daffodils were the first on the scene. I’ve always…

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    Farmhouse Table Build

    For a long time, I’ve dreamed of having a huge table. I wanted something that our whole family could fit around at holidays and birthdays. Big tables are pricey though! Then we came across the idea of building a table. The cost was considerably less and we were able to find detailed instructions via Pinterest. Jeremy was willing to tackle the project, so we decided to do it. This is the result!  While Jeremy worked on building the table and bench, I worked on the chairs. We found the chairs at a thrift store for only $25. That was for ALL six of them! It was quite a transformation for…

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    Our New Hobby {Transforming Our Home}

    We moved in early December and have quickly discovered our new hobby…our new house! We knew coming into it that it needed a lot of updating, but we fell in love with the house nonetheless. It has the perfect layout for us and is in a fantastic neighborhood. We started work on Day 1 and haven’t slowed down much since then. Here’s a little of what we’ve accomplished so far! Be sure to keep scrolling for the before pictures too!             And now for some before and after pictures! Living Room New floors and paint are what makes this room shine. Kitchen We have much…

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    3 Steps to Creating a Transportation Bedroom

    With 2 boys in our family, we have an obsession with all things transportation. So when it was time to convert our nursery into a “big boy” bedroom, a transportation bedroom was the natural choice for a theme. Bye, bye, cute nursery… Hello Big Boy Room! Little Brother has become obsessed with trucks, cars, boats, planes…you get the picture, so this was indeed the perfect choice for him. We completed his new bedroom in 3 easy steps.   Transportation Bedroom Step One: A Big Kid Bed We, of course, had to get a big boy bed and went with one from IKEA (I can’t find it online anymore, but these…

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    Ideas for Small Spaces

    Sharing our laundry and vanity area last week got me thinking about a couple other things we’ve done around our house to maximize space. The first area is our oldest’s bedroom: We knew moving into the house that it was a small space, so from the beginning we made use of the vertical space by purchasing a loft bed and lots of storage for toys to go underneath. We moved this stuffed animal storage from our apartment, and it’s a great use of space! I think the footprint is only 1 foot by 2 feet, but since it’s so tall, we can fit lots and lots of animal friends in…

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    Laundry Sorter and Vanity Area

    When you live in a smaller home like we do, every little bit of storage space is needed. Our master bedroom closet is shaped like an “L”, but the lower part of the L didn’t have any closet organizers in it when we moved into the house. Wasted space! Since we don’t have much space for laundry and only one bathroom upstairs with the bedrooms, a laundry sorting and vanity combination area was a perfect use for the space. For the laundry sorter, I used pieces from the ALGOT wall storage system from Ikea: ALGOT Brackets ALGOT Wall Uprights ALGOT Shelf (it’s just sitting on top of the brackets, so…

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    Inexpensive Large Art

    We have a large wall that runs the length of our living room that was just begging for something to fill it. Big pieces can get pricey, though, so I got creative. I printed a favorite photo that I took myself in the Colorado mountains and printed a 20×30 poster size of it at Costco for only $9.99. Next, I found a frame for the print at Ikea for $19.99. I had thought about doing 2 or 3 of the framed photos, but I came across the wall decals. I like how they add to the “footprint” on the wall but at a more reasonable price than 2 more photos…

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