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    Kids’ Art Wall

    Where do you put your kids’ art? The refrigerator is a great place, right? In our house, though, the front of the refrigerator is not magnetic, so we needed another solution. Tape on the refrigerator would work, but I decided it’d been fun to use their art as decoration. We use little clothes pins to attach their art to braided embossing thread which is attached to the wall with push pins. Simple.   I wanted a neat “Art” sign and was pinching pennies at the time, so I made these from items I had laying around the house. I printed each letter on paper for a template and then cut…

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    Sticky Note Countdown

    Another change is coming for our little family. We’re moving again! It’s just to a different part of the city, but it’s a house, an actual house! It’s the kind of house that we can stay in forever, so we’re super excited! It’s an older home, so be watching in the coming months for posts about our projects around the house. In preparation for our move, I decided to make a little countdown. I though sticky notes would be an easy way of making a chain countdown and they would be small too. It fit just perfectly on our chalkboard. Unfortunately, my genius plan wasn’t so genius after all as…

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    Backyard Makeover {#3 In My 30 Before 30 Series}

    When we moved from an apartment to our new home in November of last year, we were excited to have a backyard again. The problem, however, was that it was a total mess. What once was probably covered in rock was now rock with a lot of dirt mixed into it…or maybe dumped onto from the looks of things once we started digging. I really wanted to be able to use the yard, and, more importantly, I wanted the boys to have a nice place to play outside. So in April, with the goal of finishing for Little Brother’s birthday at the end of May, we got to work. First…

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    Nursery Tour {Corner Nursery In A Master Bedroom}

    Yesterday marked the 38 week mark for this pregnancy! Only two more weeks to go until the due date, and we can’t wait! We’re wondering if maybe our little guy may even decide to arrive a little early. If he’s ready, then we wouldn’t mind that at all. Little Man keeps saying he wants him to “come out”. Me too, buddy! He’s going to be the best big brother. I wanted to capture and remember how he’s always kissing and hugging “the baby”/my belly, so we snapped this picture last week: He’s just so sweet! Time seems to almost be standing still. I’m thankful that the rest of the pregnancy…

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    Magnetic Chore Chart

    Here’s something fun we’ve been trying lately: a chore chart for Little Man. It gets him excited about helping out or even just brushing his teeth, and THAT, my friends, is quite an achievement. Little Man earns a sticker for each chore completed and then gets tickets for the stickers. The tickets can then be used to “buy” prizes at the prize store once a week. Some of our prizes include little animals, coloring books, puzzles, and extra screen time. I used a small cookie sheet from the dollar store, printed these chores from Homeschool Creations (I didn’t use them all), and glued them to magnets. Simple and quick but…

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    Kid’s Artwork Valance {Artwork Display}

    Little Man started preschool this past fall and like any other preschooler, he started bringing home lot and lots of artwork. What do you do with all this artwork from your children? You certainly don’t want to throw it away, and I wanted something I could easily add more and more artwork to.   So, I went with a simple display using this curtain wire from Ikea. I actually saw the idea at Ikea a couple years ago and have since seen similar ideas on Pinterest.   It’s easy and quick and is a great way to display Little Man’s artwork. We keep adding to it and it’s becoming quite the full…

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    Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar

    It’s just what it sounds like: a calendar that is also a chalkboard. I’ve seen fun calendars painted on walls and have always thought they were awesome, but since we’re in an apartment now I didn’t want to do that to the walls. Then I had an idea! Why not paint a piece of metal with chalkboard paint and then hang it all the wall? And so the Magnetic Chalkboard Calendar was born. I just painted a piece of metal with chalkboard paint and then painted a calendar grid over the chalkboard paint once it had dried/cured. It’s a fun way for us to keep track of upcoming events, appointments…