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Hi and welcome to Our Boy Life! My name is Erin, and I’m a mom to two wonderful boys. 

If you’re all about boys like us, this is the place for you!

What You’ll Find Here

At Our Boy Life you’ll find inspiration and ideas for living with and raising boys. We share how we do life with our boys and hope our experiences will help you in raising your kids and making memorizes with them.

Activities, travel, birthday parties, and holiday celebrations are just some of things we like to share.¬†Just take a look at the menus above to find even more of our topics. We even delve into how we’re making our house a home from time to time.

Here are our current favorite posts:

More About Us

Erin grew up in a house with all girls other than her dad…even the dog was a girl. Now the tables have turned!

Our house now is all about boys. We love LEGOs, Hotwheels, and all the typical “boy stuff” along with drawing, painting, and picture taking.

Taking Time in The City

Just in case you’re curious…any posts written before March of 2018 may contain references (on the images especially) to “Taking Time in the City”. That is the original name of this blog before we switched over to Word Press and purchased our own domain.

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