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We love hanging out as a family, playing games, and RVing, but raising our sons is our passion.

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Here’s our latest video. We hope you’ll join us on our latest adventure as we travel as a family full time in our RV.

Traveling Through Life With Our Boys

We’re a family of four with two young boys. Our Boy Life started out as a blog about crafts and activities to do with kids and boys in particular, but now, we’re on a new adventure! It’s been a dream of ours for a long time to travel in our RV full time as a family. In October of 2021, we start out on our new journey. Stay tuned for more details and to join us as we make memories and explore the United States.

We’ll be sharing our experiences as we get ready to go full time in our RV. Once we’ve started the journey, we hope to share tips for those interested in RVing (not just full time either!), but we’ll mostly share what we see, find and explore. Be sure to follow us on social media for the most current updates.

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We’re dabbling in creating YouTube videos here and there. They’re mostly of our RVing adventures, but we have a variety of other videos too (like this sidewalk chalk course).


This whole thing started as a blog years and years ago. Erin blogs about RVing full time and ideas for raising boys. Read our latest blog posts below.

Things to Do

We like to keep our boys busy with different activities both when we’re RVing and when we’re not. Check out some of our ideas.

Raising Boys

We’re all learning this parenting thing as we go go. Read some of our tips, tricks, and advice we’ve found along the way.