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    We Love You Photo Gift Free Template

    This picture collage would make a super cute gift anytime, but it’d be especially great for Valentine’s Day! We made it for the boys’ grandma on her birthday last year. As you can see, there was some sillyness with the picture taking, but that made it even cuter in my opinion! I chose a different background for each of my boys, so that there would be some contrast between their pictures. We took them in the same room, though, so the lighting was similar. Then I put the pictures all together in Photoshop, printed them, and put them in a frame. It turned out cute! If you have Photoshop, you…

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    Valentine’s Day Picture Ideas

     For the past several years, I’ve tried to take a picture of the boys for Valentine’s Day and we send it to family. It’s a fun way to remind them that we love them. This is this year’s picture. The actual picture took less than five minutes. I’ve learned that the quicker the better when taking photos of the boys as they lose interest (there may have been a candy incentive for them this year…yeah, I’m not above bribes). Last year, Big Brother just wasn’t feeling the whole  picture thing, but Little Brother was crazy about this! This one wasn’t easy and is VERY edited, but I thought it turned out…

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    5 Weeks

    It was 5 weeks ago today that Little Brother (as we’ll be calling him around here) arrived. We’re so excited, and just love him so much!         {Hospital photos taken by Bella Baby Photography} It was quite an experience and there was a fair share of excitement along the way. We hope to share our pregnancy and birth story soon. Little Brother is doing well, though, and growing like crazy as you’ll see from the pictures below!     {Weekly picture inspiration can be found here} He’s such a doll! You may have noticed he’s on oxygen. That’s something I hope to talk about soon, but rest…

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