It’s Been Forever!

So it’s been forever!
I seriously had to sit and think for a second about how to get to the blogger dashboard. Sad. I know.
Well, where have we been??? What’s been going on here in “The City”???
I’ve posted on Instagram (@takingtimeinthecity) here and there, but I haven’t even been super active on that even. There have been two major factors to my absence:
First, Little Man has given up naps. 🙁 I’ve tried and tried to get him to take them still, but, sadly, they seem to be a thing of the past. I did most of my blogging, social networking, etc. while he was napping, so I just haven’t figured out when to get it done. It’s hard for me to be on the computer too long while he’s awake. He likes to take the opportunity of me sitting at the computer to use me and the chair as a jungle gym. Yeah. So we’re working through figuring that out.
And here’s the second reason…
{and really the main factor here, I think}
That’s right! We’re expecting another Little One at the end of May! We’re super excited. Little Man is the most excited of us all and is really hoping for a little sister. He gives the baby/my tummy hugs and kisses all the time. Such a sweet kid. 🙂
While I haven’t gotten sick like I did with Little Man, I have been totally exhausted, nauseated, and had some other trouble that required a short hospital stay. Everything is fine and dandy now, though. The baby is growing just as it should be and is looking nice and healthy. We’ll find out if it’s a sister or a brother toward the end of January!
I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things and have some fun things to share.
See you again soon!

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  1. Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for helping me link my instagram to my blog (info from your old blog). I've just started my blog & it's a bit overwhelming but your post made that easy for me. Baby steps!

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