Easy Boy Birthday Cards You Can Make Yourself

I’ve been making cards for quite sometime now, and I’ve realized that cool designs for handmade boy birthday cards are a little hard to find. They’re at least a lot harder to find than cute handmade girl cards! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to make cards, so I make sure to take note when I come across an awesome design for a handmade boy card. I’m sharing some cards today that we’ve made and loved!

Car Birthday Card

Our Boy Life - Boy Car Birthday Card

How to make this card:

Little Brother and I made this card together, and gave it to one of his cousins. I printed the little cars and let him color them while I put the rest of the card together. Then I cut out the cars and put them on the “4” with foam tape.
The instructions for making the number and inspiration for this card can be found here.
You don’t need any special stamping supplies for this card, so anyone can make it. You could even write or print the “Happy Birthday” sentiment if you don’t have a stamp, and the cars were printed from this “City Icons” font (I used this font for Little Brother’s Transportation Bedroom too).

Footprint Firetruck Card

Our Boy Life - Footprint Firetruck Card

Here’s another fun card to add to your portfolio of boy birthday cards. Like the car card, this footprint firetruck card can be made without any special stamping supplies. You just need some paper, paint and markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

How to make this card:


White card stock (4.25 x 11 inches folded in half)

Red card stock (4 x 5.25 inches)

White card stock (3.75 x 5 inches)

Red washable paint

Markers, crayons or colored pencils

Optional: black and grey card stock for the wheels and tires

Our Boy Life - Close Up of Red Footprint

Paint your little one’s foot with red washable paint and “stamp” it into the middle of a white piece of paper. You could draw the wheels and tires on with marker or cut out circles and fasten them on top of the footprint.

Our Boy Life - Close Up of Firetruck Cab

Then draw the different parts of the fire truck. Up above, I have a close up of the cab of the truck.

Our Boy Life - Close Up of Happy Birthday Sentiment

And here is a close up of the ladder and “Happy Birthday” sentiment.

Our Boy Life - Complete Footprint Firetruck Birthday Card for Boys

Fasten your white piece of paper or card stock to a slightly larger red piece of paper and then to a folded piece of white paper. All done!

The boys’ cousins loved their cards, and I’m sure your boys with love them too!

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