Our Name Change And What To Know About It

Hi there! If you’ve following Taking Time in the City, you may have noticed some changes around here (if you’re new, welcome!). With a lot of hard word, some late nights, and maybe a little pounding my head on the desk, I have been transforming this little blog over the last few weeks. I’d like to welcome you to my new and improved blog: Our Boy Life! I’m so excited about this name change and can’t wait to tell you a little about how I got here.

Our Boy Life - Name Change

Why Do I Blog?

The story could go way back to 2011 when I quit my somewhat stressful job in exchange for more time with my little boy and a much less stressful, albeit a little boring, job. That is not a complaint. I needed boring, and I enjoyed it. The best part of that job was that I had a considerable amount of downtime during which I discovered bloggers. Craft blogs were my favorite It wasn’t long before I started a blog of my own to share about our life with my family and some of my former co-workers. I was drawn to craft blogs, though, and a few months later dipped my toes into those waters when I started another blog just for crafting. Though I wasn’t overwhelmed by insane amounts of traffic, I enjoyed it immensely.

However, when we moved to the Denver area, I decided it was time for a change and started Taking Time in the City. I wanted it to be more than just a craft blog, and since we were making a new beginning geographically, a change in blog just made sense. The move meant more responsibility for me as Jeremy works a lot more hours, so my blog has been a quieter blog. Still, I’ve blogged for nearly 7 years now in total! I still get excited to hit “publish” every time I finish a post.

Our Boy Life - Name Change

Why Change Things Now?

When Reed started preschool in the fall, I realized I was going to have some free time. That was nice. I’ve been able to do some things quicker (like grocery shop) without my little tag a long. This Fall, he’ll be in preschool even more, so I’m going to have A LOT more time on my hands. It’ll only get worse after that! I mean, you can only clean the house so many times! And even though Jayden thinks my favorite thing to do is clean (he was asked that question at school one day and that was his answer), I really don’t have any desire to clean ALL the time!

I decided that I’d like to invest my time into blogging seriously. I love sharing about our projects and activities we do with the boys. Blogging gives me the outlet to do that, and I’m hoping that I may be able to build it up enough to make a little extra. I promise I won’t ever go ad crazy. That’s just annoying.

Our Boy Life - Name Change

Why The Name Change?

I felt I needed the blog to have a more specific purpose or niche as they say. So I got to thinking… What am I good at? What can I talk about all day long? That was easy: being a mom and raising boys. If there’s anything I can talk to anyone about, it’s our boy life. And there was our new name. Don’t worry. All the old posts are still here.

Our Boy Life - Blog Name Change

What Will We Share?

Even with the name change, I’m not going to totally limit myself here and say “all boy stuff all the time”, but that’s definitely the main focus. You might be surprised what that can entail though. For instance, growing up in an all girl house, I wouldn’t have thought about boys liking crafts, but my boys love crafts!

We’ll share about things we try. Things we like and things we don’t. It’s like our tag line: inspiration for life with boys…from our boy life.

I hope you’ll join us on the ride!

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