Keep ‘Em Busy {Summer & Road Trip Fun}

One of my favorite (and most popular) boards on Pinterest is my “Keep ‘Em Busy” board. It’s all about keeping your kids busy, and if you have at least one kid like mine, you’ll understand the importance of this. He’s always moving, so life is just a little better when he’s busy.
Anyway…back at my other blog I shared several posts with activities for little ones. Since we’re still in the summer months but maybe getting to that point of wanting school to start, I thought I’d re-share a few of those posts with you today. Give you a little inspiration to keep those kids busy for the rest of the summer or on that one last road trip before school starts up again.
Get ready to “Keep ‘Em Busy”!
Make your own Dry Erase Busy Book with a binder and coloring pages in sheet protectors.
Simple but fun. Playing with Pom Poms.
Little Man played with these forever when he was smaller (he’s 3 1/2 now), but I think he still may like them if I were to dig them out.
It’s good old baking soda and vinegar with a little food coloring too to create these Baking Soda Bubbles.
This Magnetic Activity Board is great for road trips.
A few road trip tips…like packing presents for little ones to unwrap if they’re being good.
This is a fun way to have a Scavenger Hunt and will entertain even the adults. We sure had fun!
We’re taking the Magnetic Fishing Game camping again this year. So much fun!
If you have a rainy day this summer, this Cereal Box Marble Track is great inside fun.
There’s more road trip fun in this post!
Hope you’re having a great summer and are keeping busy!

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