Over 50 Awesome Things for Kids to Do This Spring and Summer

We’re starting to think about summer break and summer plans around here, so we sat down and came up with over 50 awesome things to do this spring and summer with kids. Spring fever has definitely hit us here. We can’t wait to start making plans and will hopefully share some of our summer adventures over the next few months. After what feels like an eternity of winter, the biggest thing we’re looking we’re looking forward to is getting outside more often, so let’s start with some fun ideas to explore the outdoors.

Explore the Outdoors

  1. Sidewalk chalk
  2. Sidewalk paint
  3. Bubbles
  4. Plant flowers
  5. Start a garden
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Play in the sprinklers
  9. Play balloon tennis
  10. Make a balancing tower from rocks
  11. Go on a bike ride
  12. Take a hike
  13. Go for a picnic
  14. Explore your neighborhood
  15. Visit a different park each week
  16. Roll down a hill
  17. Catch bugs
  18. Watch the clouds
  19. Go swimming
  20. Geocaching

Spend Time Together

  1. Play board games
  2. Put puzzles together
  3. Make and eat s’mores together
  4. Go camping (you could even camp in your backyard or living room!)
  5. Have a tea party
  6. Play hide and seek
  7. Choose a fun book series to read together
  8. Read jokes together. You can find books at the library or just Google them!
  9. Color pictures.
  10. Play a video game everyone can play together. We like to play Mario Kart together.

Build Something

  1. Build a fort
  2. Play LEGOs (that’s one of our favorites)
  3. Build a structure using playdough and pasta
  4. Design and build an awesome Hotwheels track
  5. Use playdough to make a marble track.

Make, Bake or Cook Something

  1. Make playdough
  2. Bake a treat
  3. Plan a meal together
  4. Cook a meal with your kids
  5. Make slime
  6. Find a homemade ice cream recipe and make it.
  7. Make cloud dough
  8. Enjoy some soda floats. Try different flavors like orange or grape!
  9. Build and make your own pizzas
  10. Make paper boats and race them
  11. Make your own bug “motel”
  12. Fold paper airplanes and have a race

Teach them Something New

  1. Teach how to sew on buttons.
  2. Draw something new. YouTube is a great place to find ideas.
  3. Kids can learn how to do the laundry.
  4. Vacuum and/or sweep the floor.
  5. Look up interesting science facts. How many bones are in the human body?

Do Something for Others

  1. Find 5 toys to give away
  2. Write and send a letter to a friend or family member
  3. Walk the dog
  4. Pick up trash

Write Something

  1. Start a journal
  2. Write a story
  3. Design and write a comic book

Places to Visit

  1. Visit the zoo
  2. Find child friendly museums and visit
  3. Go to the movies
  4. Explore a nearby National or State Park
  5. Eat out as a family

We also have a couple other posts to check out if you’re planning things to do this spring and summer with kids. If you’re looking to stay indoors, our Top 5 Indoor Activities might inspire you. Some may still take it easy and stay close to home this summer. If that’s you, check out our Activities When You’re Stuck at Home post. Share all your fun with us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you!

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