Nursery Tour {Corner Nursery In A Master Bedroom}

Yesterday marked the 38 week mark for this pregnancy! Only two more weeks to go until the due date, and we can’t wait! We’re wondering if maybe our little guy may even decide to arrive a little early. If he’s ready, then we wouldn’t mind that at all. Little Man keeps saying he wants him to “come out”. Me too, buddy! He’s going to be the best big brother. I wanted to capture and remember how he’s always kissing and hugging “the baby”/my belly, so we snapped this picture last week:

He’s just so sweet!
Time seems to almost be standing still. I’m thankful that the rest of the pregnancy has just flown by, because now I’m getting so anxious to meet him!
I’m not going to lie…the thought of not being pregnant is really great too.
We are ready though!
Everything is in place including the little “corner nursery” in our bedroom. We’re still in our two bedroom apartment, so Little Brother will be bunking with us for the time being. Luckily, our room is a fairly good size for an apartment, so we were able to create a little space just for him.
We found this great mini crib that fits perfectly in the corner.
I made this bird mobile for around $1.00 since I already had most of the supplies. All it took was felt, a little sewing, a little stuffing, embroidery thread, and part of an embroidery hoop.
{See my inspiration here and here}
We already had the flowers on the outside and orange frames from another project at our old house, but I wanted to change it up a little. These cute prints were perfect!
{See my inspiration for the prints here}
All that’s left to complete the nursery is Little Brother himself. We can’t wait!

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