Our New Hobby {Transforming Our Home}

We moved in early December and have quickly discovered our new hobby…our new house! We knew coming into it that it needed a lot of updating, but we fell in love with the house nonetheless. It has the perfect layout for us and is in a fantastic neighborhood. We started work on Day 1 and haven’t slowed down much since then. Here’s a little of what we’ve accomplished so far! Be sure to keep scrolling for the before pictures too!

And now for some before and after pictures!
Living Room
New floors and paint are what makes this room shine.
We have much more planned for the kitchen, but for now, we brightened up the room with fresh paint, new floors, and removed the excessive trim. That stuff was EVERYWHERE!
Master Bedroom
The wall of curtains is the star in our master bedroom. I love how they turned out!
Big Boy Bedroom
Toddler Bedroom
New carpet and paint went a long way in our boys’ bedrooms. We used the same decorations as in the old house with the exception of the trees in the “Big Boy Bedroom”. Thanks to an aunt an uncle for those; they really add a lot to Big Brother’s room.
Play Room
Play Room
Play Room Office Nook
This was the first room we tackled, since we knew the boys would be spending a lot of time in there. I took before pictures right after we closed on the house and then the demo started! The half wall/bar was the first thing to go. We’re not finished with the desk area, but it’s a huge improvement!
We’ll have lots more to share in the next months (and maybe years) about our new hobby. It seems we have a project or 2 going most of the time. I’ve even painted more since I took these pictures just a couple days ago! We’re enjoying it and look forward to sharing more transformations and projects.
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