Easy Ideas For Planning A Pokémon Birthday Party

Back in January we celebrated our oldest son’s 8th birthday with a Pokémon Birthday Party. The kid is crazy about Pokémon, so he loved it as much as his little brother loved his Thomas the Train Party. He had originally wanted a different theme, so we had to find some quick and easy ideas for the party. Well, we found them and would like to share them with you. Here are some easy ideas for putting together your own party…and quickly!

Pokémon Birthday Party Decorations

Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas - Our Boy Life

My favorite part of putting together any party is the decorations. Since Pokémon are so popular, it was easy to find all kinds of ideas and even some free printables for the decorations.

Pokemon Birthday Party Table Decorations- Our Boy Life

We really loved the idea of making the dining room table look like a Pokeball. Our table and decorations were inspired by this party. We just used 2 dollar store plastic table covers and then added black duct tape in the middle. Streamers and balloons were a nice way to cover our not so nice chandelier, and the big wall decoration was the finishing touch. We got it from Amazon.

Pokemon Birthday Party Charmander and Pikachu - Our Boy Life

These were probably my favorite decorations. I got the idea to use plastic table covers for door decorations from this Pinterest Pin, but then used these favor bags as a reference for creating our Pikachu and Charmander. I created the facial features from paper and taped them to the table covers with some Sharpie here and there for finishing touches.

Pokemon Birthday Party Sign- Our Boy Life

The idea for this Pokemon Happy Birthday sign is from here. It’s no longer available on Etsy, but I was able to make it myself.  To make your own sign first find Pokemon images online and print them on card stock. Then attach them to larger strips of card stock along with the birthday sentiments.

Cake and Food

Pokemon Birthday Party Snack and Cake Table- Our Boy Life

You can’t have a party without some snacks! The Happy Birthday banner was a free printable from The Eco-Friendly Family and was perfect for our Pokémon Birthday Party.

Pokemon Birthday Party Cake Decorations- Our Boy Life

Our Pokémon trainer didn’t want a fancy cake, so I got some little Pokémon figures (these are similar, I think) and fun candles to decorate his Cowboy Coffee Cake.

Pokemon Birthday Party Pikachu Popcorn- Our Boy Life

I made the snack signs myself using images I found online.

Pokemon Birthday Party Charmander Cheetos- Our Boy Life

Pokemon Birthday Party Pokeball Fruit Platter- Our Boy Life

You’ll probably see all kinds of similar Pokeball snack platters on Pinterest, but here’s our version. We used a white cheese, strawberries, and black olives (they’re a favorite).

Pokemon Birthday Party Plasticware Rolls- Our Boy Life

I saw the plastic-ware idea here.

These are not pictured, but we also printed water bottle labels from here.


Pokemon Birthday Party Game- Our Boy Life

Not the greatest picture, but the game the boys are playing above is “Pin the Pokeball on Charizard” which we got from Amazon.

We somehow didn’t take a picture of them, but we also played an Outdoor Pokemon Hunt and Pokemon Bingo (you can make custom bingo cards here for free).

Favor Bags

Pokemon Birthday Party Favors and Decorations- Our Boy Life

These are some of the favor bags that were inspired by the ones in this post.

Some of things we put in our favor bags were Pokemon cards, bracelets, tattoos, and pencils.

We enjoyed the Pokémon Birthday Party and hope you have fun planning your party too!

Pokemon Birthday Party - Our Boy Life

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