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Party Decoration

Back at the beginning of June we celebrated our youngest’s 5th birthday with a LEGO Birthday Party (or two actually). We had a friend party and a family party, but they were essentially the same. I searched Pinterest for ideas (cost effective ones in particular) and here are some of the details. Keep reading for our best finds!

LEGO Birthday Party Decorations

LEGO Birthday Party Decorations

Okay, so decorations are always one of my favorite parts. I usually overdo it with time intensive decorations (I’m not sure how many hours I spent on the Pokemon party). The cool thing about a LEGO birthday party is that you may have decorations already laying around the house! What am I talking about? LEGO Bricks! I used everything from Jeremy’s old LEGO pieces to LEGO Duplo pieces that the boys don’t use much. Here are some of the highlights:

Party Decorations
Silverware Holder
Cake Topper
LEGO Birthday Party Decorations
LEGO Birthday Party Decorations

The big find, though, was the Dollar Tree party supplies that looked like LEGO bricks. They weren’t LEGO brand, but looked very similar. They even had some items we used for party favors!

LEGO Table Cover

Check out that table cover up above. Hard to tell it’s from the dollar store, right?

Create Your Own Mini Figure

LEGO Birthday Party Games

We started off the party with the kids designing their own mini figure. This was basically coloring time, and they enjoyed it! Find a link to the printable down below.

Birthday Party LEGO Building

A LEGO party wouldn’t be complete without building some LEGO creations, so we got out Jeremy’s LEGOs and let the kids go to town. You could do some LEGO challenges, but our party goers were happy to just free build.

LEGO Birthday Party Game

Count out some LEGOs, put them in a jar, and have people guess how many there are. Simple. It didn’t occur to me that kids around 5 years old don’t have a grasp of very high numbers, so you may want to limit the number of pieces depending on your audience. However, this went over well with the family party and more adults participating.

LEGO Birthday Party Game

Pin the Head on the LEGO Man was another hit for the kids, especially some of the older ones.

Games List

I didn’t really create any of the games, but utilized lots of free printables. Here is a list of our games. The links for all our party resources can be found below.

  • Pin the Head on the LEGO Man
  • Design Your Own Mini Figure (coloring pages)
  • LEGO free build
  • LEGO relay race
  • Guess How Many LEGOs
LEGO Birthday Party Cake

Cake, Food and Drinks


I made a marble cake (for each party) per the birthday boy’s request, frosted it, and added fondant LEGO pieces. I created a ‘5’ cake topper from LEGO bricks and called it good. Making the fondant pieces was time intensive more than anything. I was a bit disappointed in the fondant recipe though. The LEGO pieces were technically edible but not something you’d actually want to eat.

Party Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

For the kid party, we simply baked frozen pizzas and had cut fruit and veggies. The kids were content with the pizza. I kept drinks super simple too with water, sparkling water, and some juices. The sparkling water was the favorite!

We did burgers, hot dogs, and a salad bar for the family party. It was a little more work, but since we had mostly grown ups at that party, we wanted to do more than just frozen pizza.

Food Tips

Keep it simple. The kids were more than happy with frozen pizzas. I thought about decorating the drinks but decided it wasn’t necessary. I’m glad I didn’t put in the effort, because I don’t think it would have been worth it!

LEGO Cake Decoration

Maybe skip the fondant LEGO blocks. Or make sure you have a good recipe. LEGO candy might be a better option if you want to make a similar cake.

LEGO Birthday Party Favors

LEGO Birthday Party Favors

My favorite part of the party favors was that each kid got to pick a LEGO Creation and take it home. I bought this set from Amazon and had quite a bit of fun finding instructions and improvising to make several little LEGO creations.

LEGO Birthday Party Favors

Notice those bags in the background? Yep, Dollar Tree. So many great finds there! We had fun filling the bags with the following:

  • A candy filled block (building block from Dollar Tree),
  • Bubbles
  • Playdoh
  • Bouncy balls
LEGO Birthday Boy

Tips and Links

Our biggest 2 tips? Keep it as simple as possible and check your local dollar store for decorations. That alone saved so much time compared to other parties we’ve done.

LEGO Birthday Crown


Family Photo

We had a fun weekend celebrating our 5 year old and building lots of memories along the way!

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