RVing Travel Tips

We’re on our big trip of the summer to South Dakota this week. I remember going when I was a kid, and it was one of my favorite trips! It’s a long drive, though, so we needed some ideas and RVing travel tips to get us through the day.

RVing Travel Tips

Our first day was a travel day for the most part. In order to avoid Denver’s morning rush hour, we’d have to leave super early or after it was over. We opted for leaving at about 9:30 AM.

It certainly wasn’t the most exciting drive, but we were glad to see that South Dakota sign. That sign was kind of tiny though! Come on, South Dakota, spring for a bigger sign. I almost missed it! A boring drive called for some entertainment. Here are some of our favorites:


  • Netflix, DVDs, etc. I know we all want to limit screen time, but this is a sure fire way for us to keep our boys entertained for a good chunk of time. Our truck doesn’t have a DVD player like our other vehicle, so we downloaded a bunch of a Netflix shows and movies.
  • Coloring books. Even if it’s just for a little while, our boys love to color. Our oldest is becoming quite a little artist, so he’ll sit and draw for quite a while too.
  • Books. There’s nothing like a good read. Try reading a book out loud to your kids to pass the time. They’ll enjoy it even more!
  • Adventures in Odyssey or audiobooks. If you haven’t heard of the Odyssey Adventure Club or Adventures in Odyssey, you should check it out. It’s a radio program much like the old radio programs they used to have before TV. I grew up on it and still absolutely love it.
  • Games. Between Pinterest and apps for your phone, there are lots of great games to play on a road trip.

Look Out the Window

One of the coolest parts of our road trip was being able to see Crazy Horse as we drove by. I didn’t realize you could see it from the road. The boys were fairly impressed too which was surprising. I honestly thought they wouldn’t care!

RVing Travel Tips: Arriving at Your Destination

There’s nothing sweeter than arriving at your destination after a long road trip. Keep your setup simple if you’re arriving after a long day of driving. If you’re headed to a campground, that makes things a little easier. Today our destination was the Mount Rushmore KOA, and it did not fail to impress!

Mount Rushmore KOA Campground

This is not your average campground. It’s more like a camping resort. From daily activities, to pools, playgrounds, a splash pad and even a water slide, this place could keep us busy all week! That being said, they definitely are utilizing as much of the space as possible by making as many camping spots as possible. Our neighbors fire pit is less than 10 feet from the back of our trailer. It’s a different kind of “camping” to be sure, but we’re having fun!

RVing Travel Trips: Quick Dinner

The RVing travel tips don’t end when you arrive!

Here’s a tip for putting together a quick dinner after a day of driving: buy frozen hamburger patties and grill those up. It really doesn’t take long once you have your grill out and set up. Put them together with some chips and cold veggies, and you’ve got your meal.

Tip for Dealing With Boys Getting Dirty

After dinner we explored the campground and the “Fun Zone” in particular a little. Then the boys got plenty dirty outside before bedtime.

Embrace it! They love getting dirty and it cleans (usually ?). It’s less stress all around if you’re okay with a little dirt when you’re camping. We clean up before bed but don’t worry about it too much the rest of the day while camping.

We’re having fun, and it should be a great week!

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  1. So much fun! I love that you are making memories with your family like we did when you were growing up!! – MOM

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