RVing in Colorado: Salida

RVing to Salida

Several months ago Jeremy discovered a full time RVing family’s YouTube channel. He watched their episodes night after night. I admit I thought it was pretty goofy and that he was nuts for watching them night after night…until I happened to watch an episode with him. Now we we’re both hooked! They inspired us to do more RVing in Colorado this summer, make more memories, and document them along the way.

We took more pictures, more video, and more trips than we have before, and we’d like to share it all with you. We’ve had a blast making memories RVing in Colorado with our boys and hope they look back fondly on this summer. We may not be full time RVing (maybe someday), but the many trips this year have been something to remember.

Like many campers and RVers in Colorado, we started our summer over Memorial Day weekend. We’ve had too many bad experiences with not so great weather on Memorial Day Weekend (one year was even dubbed “Mud-morial” Weekend), so we started off at a good ol’ campground and did some exploring of the local area using that as our base camp. Check out our first ever YouTube video of our trip.

Monarch Crest

Monarch Crest

We absolutely loved our little day trip to Monarch Crest. The gondola/tram ride itself was an experience (even Winston our labradoodle got to ride). Then there was that view! The ride was $10 for adults and $5 for kids and even included free popcorn from the gift shop once you came back down. The gift shop is dog friendly, so all our furry family members got to join us as we browsed. Check out their website for more info.


Geocaching Near Salida

This is always a good way to get out and explore. We’ve been on so many hikes and walks that we wouldn’t have even considered if it weren’t for the fact that we were looking for a geocache. It’s like you’re on a treasure hunt, and the boys just love it. We have a paid subscription, but there are plenty you can do for free too.


We spent part of the day on Sunday in Salida. It was fun to watch all the river sportsmen, check out the park, and find some unique art along the way. The Five and Dime is a fun store to check out and is another dog friendly location.

Memorial Day weekend was a good start to our busy trip filled summer. Stay tuned for our next adventure. Until next time!

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