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Thanksgiving Activities Jar

I like to try to celebrate and do activities as we approach Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach our kids about gratitude. This year we wrote down several ideas for “gratitude activities” and put them in our Thanksgiving Activities Jar.
We’d like to do one activity each day, but we’re doing them as we have time. Life can be busy as kids get older and start doing activities!

Gratitude and Thanksgiving Activities:

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt
Write a thank you note.
Call your grandparents and say hi.
Write a list of the things you love about someone and give it to them.
Say a prayer to thank God for all your blessings.
Make a Thankful Pumpkin
Make a Gratitude Wreath
Bake goodies to give away (attach a tag like this or this)
Make a thumbprint tree
Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher
Make Fall playdough
Write thank you cards
Make a Fall I Spy Bottle
Take a “Thankful for Nature” walk
Read a book about being thankful
Watch a Thanksgiving movie
I got several of my ideas here, and you can find several more ideas including books to read and movies to watch here.

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