Easy Kid’s Slime Valentines Printable

This weekend we put together these Kid’s Slime Valentines for the boys’ class Valentine’s Day parties. I like to do something fun other than candy. They will enjoy these without getting hopped up on more sugar (we made these last year). We’re definitely not anti-sugar, but I don’t mind minimizing it. These are fun for boys, but I know the girls will enjoy them too since slime is such a big thing with all kids right now.

What You Need

Slime (we ordered
these from Amazon).
Baker’s twine or ribbon
ValenSlime Day PrintableDownload

Assemble The Kid’s Slime Valentines

Print the ValenSlime’s Day printable, and cut it out on the grey lines. Punch two holes in the printable and thread your baker’s twine or ribbon through the two holes so that both ends are on the top of the printable. Fasten your slime to the printable by tying the baker’s twine around the slime. You can address the Valentine’s before or after attaching the slime.

Other Ideas

  • If you don’t want to use baker’s twine or ribbon, you could try attaching the slime with some heavy duty double sided tape or hot glue.
  • Make your own slime. Find some Valentine’s Day recipes on our Pinterest board here.
  • If you’re putting this Kid’s Slime Valentine together at the last minute, you could look for some slime at a party supply store or even in the party aisle at Target or Walmart.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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