Farmhouse Table Build

For a long time, I’ve dreamed of having a huge table. I wanted something that our whole family could fit around at holidays and birthdays. Big tables are pricey though! Then we came across the idea of building a table. The cost was considerably less and we were able to find detailed instructions via Pinterest. Jeremy was willing to tackle the project, so we decided to do it. This is the result!
 While Jeremy worked on building the table and bench, I worked on the chairs.
We found the chairs at a thrift store for only $25. That was for ALL six of them!
It was quite a transformation for the chairs!
We were able to complete this project (and had some supplies left over) for about $350. That includes the chairs and all the supplies to refinish and recover them. Not bad!
Inspiration and Instructions:
A big THANK YOU to Ana White for all the wonderful instructions!

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