3 Steps to Creating a Things That Go Bedroom

With 2 boys in our family, we have an obsession with all things that go. So when it was time to convert our nursery into a “big boy” bedroom, a transportation bedroom was the natural choice for a theme.
Bye, bye, cute nursery…
Our Boy Life - Nursery with Birds Mobile
Hello Big Boy Room!
Our Boy Life - Transportation Big Boy Bedroom
Little Brother has become obsessed with trucks, cars, boats, planes…you get the picture, so this was indeed the perfect choice for him. We completed his new bedroom in 3 easy steps.

Things That Go Bedroom Step One:

A Big Kid Bed

Our Boy Life - Transportation Bedroom Bed Boy Bed
We, of course, had to get a big boy bed and went with one from IKEA (I can’t find it online anymore, but these are similar to what we have). We also added some under bed storage from IKEA. They’ve updated their products since we purchased ours, but these look to be the updated version. I like to make sure that everything has a home, so we also got a storage box to place at the end of Little Brother’s bed. Again, IKEA updated their products since we purchased our storage box, but I think this one is the same size.

Step 2: Wall Decals

Our Boy Life - Transportation Bedroom Wall Decals
I’m all for painting, but wall decals are a lot faster! They’re a great way to decorate and these ones bring so much color to the room! There are a lot of options online and many are not too pricey.
UPDATE: We were even able to move these decals from our old house to our new one. They’re still up in Little Brother’s bedroom a year later! When it comes time to removed your decals, place them on wax paper and roll them up. You can easily remove them from the wax paper and put them up on your new walls. Note that you may have to press a little harder than you originally did.

Step 3: Wall Art

Our Boy Life - Transportation Bedroom Wall Art
I’m including this as a separate step, because it’s a little more work. If I’m going to hang something on a wall, I don’t want it to be too small. A larger piece of artwork can be pricey though, so I like to group several small pieces to give the feeling of one larger piece. I got this idea from Pinterest and decided to make my own. I simply found a transportation font(I also used it for a birthday card), created pictures (jpegs) in Photoshop that I could print at Costco, and then framed them. It was relatively inexpensive and easy.
Our Boy Life - Transportation Bedroom Letter Pictures
I created pictures for each letter of Little Brother’s name with a road font and cars driving on the road from the transportation font I used for the “things that go” wall art. Super cute!
And so we said goodbye to the nursery. What a fun way to transition into “big boy land”!

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