Colorado RVing: Silt and Glenwood Springs

Flying Kites in Silt, CO

One of our favorite things to do is go RVing in Glenwood Springs. We make sure to take a trip every year. This year, we planned a week long camping trip near Glenwood Springs in White River National Forest. Since the area was new to us, we decided to continue our summer trips and go on a scouting trip. This post is about that scouting trip.

RVing Near Glenwood Springs Video

Check out our YouTube video of our trip. When you’re done, read more details about our trip below!

Where to Stay When RVing in Glenwood

Sunset from KOA in Silt, CO

We decided to try the KOA in Silt, CO since it was both close to Glenwood Springs and close to the area we wanted to explore. It’s a newer campground and is absolutely immaculate! We’d definitely recommend it and will be back in the future. Oh, and how about that sunset?

Exploring White River National Forest

Road in White River National Forest

We only had to explore a little portion of White River National Forest before we got an idea of where we wanted to go on our long trip.

White River National Forest

Even thought it was the beginning of June, there was still a lot of snow on the ground making. This proved to be the makings of some beautiful wild flowers on our next trip (and mosquitoes, but we’ll talk about that in another post).

View from White River National Forest

The views are absolutely amazing! We just couldn’t take enough pictures.

Meadow in White River National Forest
Mountain View
Beautiful Lake Near White River National Forest

While RVing in Glenwood Springs

While we didn’t go on this trip, the Hot Springs pool is always a favorite. Then there’s the Italian Underground for dinner; it shouldn’t be missed. We like to walk off a little of our pasta, and go on a walk on the pedestrian bridge after dinner. There are great views of the river and it’s fun to people watch the pool for a little while.

We have more trips to come and some other posts in between. We hope you’ll keep following along with Our Boy Life!

Until next time!

Riding to Glenwood Springs

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