My Story: The Ultimate Planner

I’ve been sharing some about my faith and my story recently. What makes me love God? Why do I believe in Him? I talked about His Grace last week. Today, I’m going to talk about how God is The Ultimate Planner.

I’m A Planner

Really. Like obsessively so. You should see my calendar. No scratch that. It might scare you.

Seriously, though, I love it when a plan comes together. So looking back at our life, I can see now that God had a plan for us.

God’s Plan For Our Move

When we had our first son in 2010, I continued to work part time but really didn’t want to. I wasn’t thrilled about my job, but I think the heart of the problem was that I wanted to be home with our son. Then in early 2011, I decided to leave that job and trust that God would bring something else along. He did, and I started another part time job with fewer hours. I got to be home with our little guy for a good chunk of the day. Baby steps, right? Then around Thanksgiving 2012, I lost my job due to layoffs. Though I didn’t think it was permanent, I was suddenly a stay at home mom!

Just a couple months later, in January of 2013 we took a Dave Ramsey class and overhauled our finances. This was good considering that I still had not found a job but would also be a very important thing in the near future. Also in January, we put our house on the market with hopes to move to a better school district. In February of that same year, Jeremy applied for a job with a company with offices in Denver but employees in Colorado Springs. He didn’t hear anything, so we figured it wasn’t meant to be. We continued with our attempts to sell our home and pay off debts.

At the end of March (Good Friday) we put our house under contract. Yay! Next problem: where to move. We couldn’t find a house to buy. Then Jeremy got a call from that company asking him to come interview in Denver. What? He went for the interview and received a job offer that same day…just a few days after our house went under contract. Here’s the crazy part: they wanted us to move to Denver. Well, we just so happened to have our house under contract with no new house lined up. We were primed and ready for a move. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Pieces had been falling into place for months, if not years. It was The Ultimate Planner at work.

We moved to Denver less than a month later!

The Finer Details

There were a couple other things that played into God’s plan. Losing my job pushed me into staying at home with our son. Though this was something I really wanted, I had a hard time taking the plunge due to the financial implications of me not working. The decision was made for me, and it turned out wonderfully. We no longer had babysitters 10 minutes away, so I now needed to be a stay at home mom.

Remember that Dave Ramsey class I mentioned? Thank God we took it! Things were a little tight financially when we first moved, but if we hadn’t taken that class and tightened our financial belts, it may not have been doable. There, again, God had a plan!

Our Boy Life | Jeremy 29:11

The Ultimate Planner

It still amazes me how well everything came together. God is the ultimate planner, and that is something that just speaks down deep into this obsessive planner’s soul. He’s the BEST planner, and He has plans for me, my life, and my family. He cares enough about me to do that. How cool is that?

He has a plan for all of us. If you feel lost and like things just aren’t going how they should, remember that He’s got a plan. Don’t worry. He’s in control.

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