{Recycled} Baby Blanket Quilt

So your baby is growing and growing and can no longer fit in his or her baby blankets. What do you do with them? You could donate them or sell them, but I think there’s something a little sentimental about a baby blanket. PLUS my Little Man still loves how they feel (so soft!), so I know he would love to keep using them.
The solution? Make a bigger blanket from the blankets. Whoa. I know. Genius!
I started with a few of my little guy’s baby blankets,
(and a few scraps of a similar type of fabric)
and cut as many squares as I could.
Then I laid them out and sewed them all together using a zig zag stitch.
You can see that I just overlapped the edges so you can see the seams.
Here’s another close up.
I folded the edges around the blanket over and finished them off by hemming them.
And that was it!
Now Little Man can still enjoy those baby blankets.
Thanks for stopping by!

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