Riding in the Colorado Mountains

Happy Father's Day Bunting Sign.

Jeremy has always wanted to go camping and riding in the Colorado mountains for Father’s Day. So this year, we managed to pull off a trip. We went to a familiar spot not too far from Colorado Springs.

Our parents camped with us and some friends came up for the day on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and perfect for dirt bike riding.

Riding a dirt bike in the Colorado mountains

We were thoroughly impressed with how our oldest took off on what had been his grandma’s motorcycle. He’s been riding a smaller motorcycle for several years, and he was definitely ready for a bigger bike. It just took a little bit of riding with Jeremy, and he was off! It was hard to believe that was the first day he’d ever ridden that dirt bike.

NOTE: It’s important to wear a helmet and protective gear while riding dirt bikes. Don’t risk an injury!

Giant bubbles

The weekend wasn’t just about riding, though. This giant bubble kit was absolutely fantastic! Our youngest received the kit as a birthday present, but we all had a blast making the big bubbles, watching them float away, and trying to catch them.

Video: Riding in the Colorado Mountains

Check out our short YouTube video to see our big guy in action. We caught those awesome bubbles on video and found out a little something about shooting Rocket Copters near trees when the wind is blowing. 😉 It was a quick weekend but a fun celebration.

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