Handmade Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

This is a throwback to some cards the boys made all the way back in 2016. It doesn’t seem like that would be that long ago, but the boys have changed so, so much since then! So keeping that in mind, these cards were made by a 1.5 and 6 year old. Big Brother’s hand just barely fit on the paper for the monkey. I remember thinking that that was probably the last year he’d be doing any kind of a hand print card!

Hand Print Monkey Card


Card stock (white and red)
Brown and tan/beige card stock or paper
Markers (green, red, and black)
Brown paint
Googly eyes


  • We started by painting Big Brother’s hand and “stamping” the white card stock (approx 4.75 x 6.75 inches) with it.
  • Then we added the monkey face, ears and tail made from the brown and tan/beige card stock.
  • Color/draw in the mouth and nose with your black marker. I let Big Brother help glue them onto the paper.
  • Then I drew the vines with my green marker and wrote the “I ♥ Hangin’ With You!” phrase. I drew a heart on the vine and let Big Brother color that and the other heart with red marker.
  • We fastened the monkey piece to a folded piece of red card stock. Our red piece measured 10×7, so that it would fold into a 5×7 size.

That was it! We were inspired by this card over at Crafty Morning.

Toddler Watercolor Card

We also made this “I ♥ U” card. This one is great for little ones who can’t do much more than scribble. Little Brother was a few months away from being 2 when we made this, but he was able to do it! You could do all kind of different letter, words and shapes, so this doesn’t have to be just a Valentine’s day project.


Card stock (white and red)
Crayons, markers, and/or paint
Masking tape


  • Cut out the shapes from the masking tape and place them on the white card stock (approx 4.75 x 6.75 inches).
  • Let you child color or paint all over the paper.
  • If necessary, wait for the art to dry and then remove the masking tape.
  • Fasten the white card stock onto the folded red card stock. Our red piece measured 10×7, so that it would fold into a 5×7 size.

Your card is finished! This card was inspired by this card at Nest of Posies.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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