Valentine A Day [14 Days of Valentines]

When I first started blogging, one of the first things I found and tried on another blog was 14 Days of Valentines. It’s a cute and easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, AND it can also be fairly inexpensive too! I haven’t done it in several years but decided to go for it again this year and started last Friday on February 1st with some simple (and sometimes silly) Valentines for my husband. It’s not too late though! You can throw some of these together quickly and get started right away!
First, if you’re anything like me, you need a plan, so I made this “Valentine A Day” printable, so you can make a list of all the different Valentines you’re going to give your sweetheart.
If you’re getting started after February 1st, I thought a good place to start would be about a week before Valentine’s Day, so I made another printable for “7 Days of Valentines”.
You can download the 14 day printable here and the 7 day printable here.
Now for some ideas!
I just looked through ideas I had pinned for school Valentines and picked 14 of those. Think about what you have around the house that you could use even!
I had glow sticks left over from camping this summer, so all I needed to do was print this free printable from Design.Wash.Rinse.Repeat.
We discovered recently that we really like Honeycrisp apples cut up with lemon juice on them for a snack, so I’m planning on doing thatĀ  to tell Jeremy”you are the apple of my eye”.
I thought the phrase “your smile makes me light headed” was super cute, and Jeremy happens to like Air Heads, so it was a win-win.
“I CEREALsly like you” was just so punny I couldn’t resist! Find the printable at Giggles Galore.
We love the gum in a cup for our cars, so I couldn’t resist getting some for this “I chews you” valentine. The printable is over at Gluesticks.
Sour gummy worms are a favorite candy of Jeremy’s, so I had to choose this “I dig you” Valentine for one of the 14 Days of Valentines. Find the printable at Bloom Designs.
We actually did a Valentine like this one for Big Brother’s preschool class a few years back, but I went with this printable from C.R.A.F.T this time.
I made this one myself, and it’s not hard to put together. You could even hand write the note. Just fold a piece of paper in half, write your note, and attach it to the candy. You could also attach two of the same kinds of candy if you’re not crazy about Twix. I got this idea on this roundup, and that’s what they did.
We had some leftover bubbles from Little Brother’s birthday, so I pulled out a bottle of those and attached it to this “You Blow Me Away” Valentine. You can find the printable at The Girl Creative.
I’ve always loved crayons and coloring, so this “You Color My World” Valentine printable was right up my alley. Find it for yourself here at Crazy Little Projects.
This “You Rule!” printable is a nice inexpensive and useful Valentine. The ruler was only 50 cents at Target, but you may be able to find an even better deal if you looked for it! Find the printable here at Seeing All Sides.
Cool Ranch Doritos are another favorite of Jeremy’s, so the “You’re All That and A Bag of Chips” Valentine printable was perfect! Find it here at My 3 Monsters.
I cut this “You’re Awesome Sauce” Valentine printable out and put it on a piece of red and white polka dot paper. The paper really complements the apple! This would be a cute Valentine to give your kids too. Find the printable at Pretties for Pennies here.
This “I Think You’re exSTRAW Special” Valentine is designed to stick a straw through it, but I decided to go with a package of nice straws and fasten it to the front of them
They’ll go with this cup that I’m saving to give Jeremy on Valentine’s Day.
You can find the “exSTRAW special” printable here at It’s Alway’s Autumn.
Now it’s your turn to get planning to put together your very own plan for a Valentine A Day. Have fun!
Need more ideas?
Check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and follow me on Pinterest!

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