Ideas for Small Spaces

Sharing our laundry and vanity area last week got me thinking about a couple other things we’ve done around our house to maximize space.
The first area is our oldest’s bedroom:
We knew moving into the house that it was a small space, so from the beginning we made use of the vertical space by purchasing a loft bed and lots of storage for toys to go underneath.
We moved this stuffed animal storage from our apartment, and it’s a great use of space! I think the footprint is only 1 foot by 2 feet, but since it’s so tall, we can fit lots and lots of animal friends in our “zoo”.
Another idea that we’ve found really useful is hanging hooks.
There wasn’t a good space to hang them on a wall by the front door, but we’ve found that the side of this wardrobe we use for a coat closet works great!

Make use of your vertical space wherever you can! Our master closet and laundry closet have as many shelves in them as we could fit. That gives us more storage and keeps it better organized since we use bins on the shelves.Hope these little tips help!

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