RVing – Colorado National Monument

Rim Rock Drive

Colorado National Monument was our next big stop on our 5 day RVing trip, and it did not disappoint. In fact, even though we didn’t spend as much time there as Dinosaur, we enjoyed it even more. The lack of mosquitoes probably played a big part in that, but the views were absolutely breathtaking. Some call it the Grand Canyon of Colorado, and it definitely deserves that title.

We chose to do the historic Rim Rock Drive. It’s an easy way to see all of the canyons and many of the main rock formations. Spectacular doesn’t do it justice; it was that and more.

Detour in Grand Junction

If you watched our video, you may be wondering if we had to do anything more about that busted tire. We were nervous about heading home over mountain passes without a spare, so we stopped in Grand Junction and ended up replacing all the tires (it really needed to be done).

Hoosier Pass

We didn’t even think about attempting to make it all the way home that day. Instead we slept at the top of Hoosier Pass.

There is road with spots to pull off and camp; we didn’t sleep in a parking lot or anything like that. What a great benefit to RVing! We didn’t have to make it to a town and hotel, and we were still warm even at over 11,000 feet.

In the morning, a quick hike and a geocache awaited us. Then we packed up and headed down the the pass and were on our way home. What a way to end the last leg of our trip and RVing to Colorado National Monument.

A Trip to Remember

We sure crammed a lot into those 5 days! Check out our YouTube video above if you haven’t already. We made memories that will last a life time. “Running for our lives” to escape the mosquitoes in Dinosaur National Monument or driving the winding road of Rim Rock Drive and gazing at all the beautiful canyons come to mind first. It truly was a trip to remember!

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